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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Scrabble board is empty, waiting to be filled with words up and down.Full of jumbled up letters, it takes some thought for the first player to make a word.  Then, for the second player to add on a word to another word requires even more contemplation. We can easily become stumped, us puzzle-players. Confused and frustrated we try our best to make words from all these mixed up letters.  Finally, after a moment of head scratching, our eyes begin to dance as letters form into a fluid motion of words dancing in our heads.  One letter, two letter, three...and soon a word is formed.

Life can look a lot like a Scrabble board.

We are the board, waiting to be filled with words. Impatient creatures as we are, we fret and cry over all the mixed up letters.  We try and we try to put letters together but all this trying just leaves us with broken consonants and vowels - no words.  We wonder how we are going to form these words - this life - when it just looks like a jumbled mess.  We need clarity to see the words amidst the letters.

Clarity comes in all forms of words - both good and bad.  In life, we accept influence from other people's words on how our board should read.  Sometimes, a word formed is a dead end, other times a rich treasure - a string of pearls.  It is in this constant shaping of words, of life experiences, that mold us into a scrabble board.

When life is jumbled and confusing, we need to trust that words will be made clear to us.  Life is full of twists and turns, much like the up and down letters on a Scrabble board.  Often, one life circumstance leads to another and we aren't supposed to see the finished board until life is finished.  We are to only see the word that is being formed before us and use the words formed before the present moment to remember.  Remember the hurt to make a better choice.  Remember the joy that bloomed from the brokenness. Use the words given to us to form new words and build upon the foundational words that began our word-making.

Yes, life can look a lot like a scrabble board.  To live a life out loud through all the mixed up letters, us puzzle-players must accept the letters we've been given and use them to fill our boards. One word at a time....

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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