If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you:

I came to live out loud.

-Emile Zola

I love this quote.  It's simple, it's true, and it's what this month is all about.  When I think about what I came into this world to do, the answer is pretty simple: to love.  Love God, love my family, and to love my life.

This weekend, I did just that.  My little clan of four spent time at the beach where we got to hang out with each other and rest.  We laughed, we played, we napped...it was fabulous.  We took time away from work, house stuff, other stuff, and were able to just live out loud in love.

Source: google.com via Christen on Pinterest

I know it's late tonight, but I hope you get a chance to read this before you start your Monday live-out-louders.  Mondays can seem awfully brutal some weeks, and I just want you to remember that you weren't created to meet deadlines, expectations, and budgets.  You were created to love.  Love the people you are around and the life that you are living.  Let all the mess stay in the dirty clothes bin today and wrap your arms around the things {and people} that you love.

This is what you were created to do.

Till next time, let your light shine!


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