Web-4701 Lately, my girls have been wishing me happy birthday.  My birthday is not until July, but for some reason they have woken up every morning this week and shouted "Happy Birthday, Mommy!"  They've told their teachers it was my birthday, their Sunday school teachers, and even their pediatrician.  Even though it's not my birthday this week, I do feel like celebrating because finally I can say, "Welcome to illuminate!"

Planning the launch of illuminate has been much like planning a birthday party. 

It started with an idea and then visions of colors, patterns, and design began to take shape.  Over several months, to-do list items have been scratched through and after much preparation, the greatly anticipated day has arrived.  The space is beautiful and the party has begun.

But, what I've come to learn about parties is this: expect the unexpected.  The party is not going to go according to my plans and every detail is not going to be perfect.  But, I'm giving up on planning the perfect party and I'm allowing God - the Ultimate Party Planner - to grace this party and turn it into an unforgettable experience.


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Here at illuminate, I share what happens when life doesn't go according to my plans.  God has asked me to declare the gift of his truth - how he is a light for our path.   I blog out of love for you - my fellow truth-seekers - and I couldn't think of a better day to shower you with love then on this very happy Valentine's Day.

One of my love languages is gifts, so starting today through next Thursday (2/21/13), I'm giving away three gifts from some very special Etsy shop friends.  Here are the illuminate goodies:

All-Over Alabama String Art from Herring Design Company


Valentine's Clothespin Magnets by Pretty French Things:


Illuminate Watercolor Print from Be Small Studios:


I'm also giving away a FREE copy of my new e-book, "A Light for Your Path" to all e-mail subscribers.  Just fill out the "Subscribe to illuminate" box on the right side of the page.

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Thank you truth-seekers, for being part of this party.  A party is only as fun as its' guests, so I hope we can make lots of memories together. 

Much love from the Prices:


 Maralee, Christen, Adeline, & Raleigh

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen