Five Minute Fridays is a writing flash mob held by the lovely Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama. It’s where a community of writers come together and write about one word for five minutes. This week’s word is after. IMG_7998

My youngest, the one I wrote about yesterday, had a tough time going to bed tonight.  She's usually the easy one, with her sister wrapping her legs around me tighter than a spider monkey.  But tonight, she wanted the princess book and sobbed through tired eyes until I found The Little Mermaid and cradled her in my arms to read it.

I told her the abbreviated version and she chimed in with her "ah-a-ah's" when she saw the picture of Ursela taking Ariel's voice and putting it inside the shell, inside the bubble, inside the sea.  I even did a pretty good Sebastian but couldn't remember all the words to "Kiss the Girl."  On the last page, was the picture of Ariel and her prince (was his name Scott? no, don't think that's right.  Anyways...) in their wedding attire, waving to her father and mermaid sisters in the water.  I closed the book saying, "And they lived happily ever after."

Raising little girls to find the right boys to fall in love with is hard enough but how do you tell them that life is hard enough with the great guys and so very much harder with the wrong guys?  My husband is my high-school sweetheart and on our wedding day, I truly believed that we would live happily ever after.  And, we have...sort of.  If happily ever after involves your oven catching on fire, ginarmous bills from the NICU, and moving to three different cities in five years, than yes, we have lived happily ever after.

I guess what I want my girls to know is happily ever after exists but it's not as squeaky and sparkling white like it is on your wedding day.  It is stained with dirt and elbow grease and takes a significant amount of work, prayer, and purpose to be in the category "ever-after."

What about you?  What does your happy ever-after look like?

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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