IMG_0072 Today, your feedly feed will be filled with posts about Mother's Day.  It's natural for bloggers - mothers - to want to share their thoughts on yesterday with their readers on this morning after.  And, while, I've tried my best to think of something else to say today, I'm going to be honest and admit that this post will be about Mother's Day too. If you want to continue scrolling through your feed, I understand.  But, if you have a moment, maybe you could sit for a bit?  Because, what I have to say about motherhood today involves not only the beauty and the mess but also the lens that I'm viewing it from these days. 


This lens that I'm viewing motherhood from captures the rawness, the tiredness, and the deafening strength of women with children.  Women who go to work - at home or at an office {or both if you work from home!}, women who are divorced, women whose children are defiant, women who are joyful, women who are new at mothering, women who aren't very gracious to other mothers, women who are very gracious to other mothers, women who are mentors, women who are friends....all of these women with children have been magnified recently in my scope on motherhood.

What has caught my eye the most about mothers is how we all keep going.

  • The five a.m. moms that will themselves to get out of bed and to the gym deserve my applause and their finely sculpted arms. 
  • The mothers who have more children than arms to carry them in that are involved in community instead of sitting at home because it is just easier should be given a standing ovation. 
  • The mothers who work tirelessly all day and only get a few precious hours in the morning and evening with their kids deserve more holidays and vacation days.
  • The mothers who are new at this gig deserve a warm shower, fresh manicure, and a moment to breathe.
  • The mothers that don't have children under their roof anymore yet still offer advice, homemade food, and gentle young moms can't say thank you enough.

And, to those moms that aren't very gracious to other might not even know you are being ungracious.  But, if you do know you are being that way, please stop. Because, everybody deserves grace.

Every mother needs her some grace. Usually, more than one cup a day.


The past few months, I've needed more grace than I was willing to admit out loud.  My mothering hasn't been pretty, perfect, or performed at the best level.  My patience has reached its limit and my attitude towards motherhood has been less than positive. I've struggled with the hard. I'm overwhelmed with the responsibility. I've been distracted, inattentive, and given in rather than standing my ground.

But, I'm not defeated.

Because I've been given grace as a mother, I can keep going. Not because I have to or am expected to but because I know that I can.

And, I know that you can too.


We might all be dealing with different aspects of motherhood but really we all have been given the same purpose: raise our kids the best we can.  It might seem like some moms are doing this better than you, but comparing yourself isn't going to make you {or me} any better. The thing that we all need most as mothers is grace. Not advice, not uber-organized lists and lesson plans, not meal plans, or weight-loss plans, or the new safety regulations but grace.


Because, if we aren't given grace - from each other, our husbands, our parents, and even our kids - then we will be defeated, discouraged, and disappointed. Those aren't the things that shout "Happy Mother's Day." But, grace....grace gives you breakfast in bed, flower pots stamped with little painted hands, and gifts that only sweet mothering can give.

Our children, our most special gifts, give us grace to keep going. What could make a mother happier?

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen