IMG_0193 With a cheerful heart, rejoicing resounds. Life tastes sweeter and laughter and love make the world go round.

Happiness is catching; we get it from one another.


How do we catch this happiness bug, you might ask?


From charity, hope, faith, love, work, play, laughter...for starters.  Happiness is caught when you open your arms and declare that your day is good. Period.


Happiness feels like secluded waters so iridescent and clear; making you giddy at finding this hidden jewel. You want to rest in it, soak it up like the midday sun. It is the spot that you never want to leave, the place that makes you forget and just be.

Scholars suggest that happiness is medicine for the soul.  Without it, we dry up and wither like plants on a scorching summer day. Happiness is our antibiotic to brokenness, it is our healing relief to circumstances out of our control.  With it, we feast on longer, fuller lives.


Some skirt around the idea of happiness saying it is only temporary; that we should seek out joy instead. But, might one argue that a merry heart also be a joyful heart? That there is nothing better for us to be happy while we live? May we be happy and joyful?

Yes, happiness is fleeting but only if we chose for it to be so.  Each moment of each day we can decide how we are going to think, feel, live, and love. Maya Angelou says her greatest hope is to laugh as much as she cries.  Laughter through the tears is proof of God's mercy on our souls.

May we decide for our hearts to be cheerful and glad this Monday morning. *Because life is to be enjoyed, not just endured. How about we make a pack today and allow our hearts to spill over with joy. Let's just be happy. It really can be that simple.

Let's start the day out right and use our gifts of service, encouragement, teaching, giving, leadership, and mercy to spread the happiness bug to others.  Instead of grumbling or dreading, let's do our work cheerfully.


Might we send our loved ones off to start their days light and loved. Or, view the laundry as a reminder of a weekend full of memories. If our calendars already have one to many appointments, we shall remember that we are blessed to serve and equipped for any task that might seem daunting. This is the day that the LORD has made, why don't we rejoice and be glad in it?


Happiness is trending today, my friends.  It is going viral and nothing can stop this bug from spreading - no circumstances, no bad news, no worry, no pain - because a cheerful heart is good medicine for our downcast souls. So, let's give one another a smile, kind words, gifts of courage to pull each other up. Because happiness is catching, we get it from each other.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen