Next week, I'm heading to the beach for the 4th of July. woo-hoo!  When I'm at the beach, I love nothing more than reading a book, in a chair, in the sun. Oh, and eating Cheez-Itz and cold grapes. And, taking a nap. Anyway, I figured that y'all might like to do this too but might not know what book to pick for your vaca-read.  Well, here are some suggestions:

Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist

bread and wine

I read her second book, Bittersweet, in March and just adored her writing style.  She is soulful, easy to relate to, and sounds like someone I would want to be friends with if we lived in the same city. Bread & Wine is a collection of essays about family relationships, friendships, and the meals that bring us together. The Bloom Book Club for (in)courage is reading this too and you can join in the discussion here. Here's the book trailer to learn more:

The Smart One by Jennifer Close


I read The Smart One over Memorial Day weekend and loved it.  This is the first book I read by Jennifer Close (her other book Girls In White Dresses is supposed to be really cute too) and what I enjoyed most was how the conversations between family members were a dead-ringer for reality.  It is written from the point of view of  a mother, her two daughters, and her son's girlfriend and I couldn't help but laugh and agree with the character's dilemmas. This is a great choice for a girly read!

Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert


This is the follow-up to her #1 New York Times Bestseller Eat, Pray, Love and is about her relationship with Felipe.  I haven't read it yet but almost bought it yesterday but decided against three books in one week!

A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet by Sophie Hudson

salty sweet

I've got a food and family theme going on today, don't I?  I can't help but smile when I read Boo Mama's blog and can't wait to read her first book!  Fun fact: Sophie might be a Mississippi State fan but she lives in Alabama. Here's a little description about her book: "There’s nothing quite like family—for good or bad. But in a world where we sometimes know more about the Kardashians than we do the people sleeping right down the hall, it’s easy to forget that walking through life with our family offers all sorts of joy wrapped up in the seemingly mundane."   To get a deeper glimpse into A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet, check out the book trailer:

I hope this helps you make a choice as to what book to read for the fourth of July. Don't forget to enter into the Praying God's Word for Your Life and Praying God's Word for Your Husband giveaway.  It will end on Friday and you can enter multiple times!  

Happy reading, truth-seekers :)

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen