Monogrammed pocket tees are all the rage here in Alabama these days. But, when did monograms really go out of style in the South?

I'd been wanting to make my own monogrammed pocket tee for months now.  I knew where to buy the shirt, how to monogram my initials on the pocket, and how to sew the pocket on my shirt.  I have endless amounts of fabric scrap and have recently splurged on more than one piece of chevron fabric (I just can't help myself, it's so cute!).  Yet, in spite of all of my good intentions, I have not made myself a monogrammed pocket tee.

Last week, I was buying a gift for a friend at a store that made these monogrammed tees.  I gave in and bought one.  It only cost me $12 and it was ready by the end of the week.  I wore it on Friday and when people asked if I made it, I told them no. And, I was okay with that.

I know it might sound silly, but I'm learning that it's okay to not do something just because I can.  Because, here's the thing: we have the capabilities to do a lot but we have to pick what is most important.

That's really hard for me as I'm sure it's hard for others that like to please people, save money, or spend hours upon hours at Hobby Lobby because we just can't believe that chevron burlap now exists (it does, in bright pink, orange, and black...perfect for bows!).  But, one thing that God is teaching me right now is to let go of all that I can do with my time and zoom in on a few things that matter most.

For me, those few things are my family, my friends, and my profession.  As much as I love sewing or making cute cakes or painting or clothes those things aren't top priority for me right now.  It doesn't mean that I should give up all these hobbies (or obsessions if I'm to be totally honest about the clothes), it just means that I need to scale back and do these things in smaller dosages.  God made us to create and express ourselves in different ways.  But, if I'm spreading myself too thin with all of this creating, I'm not creating anything good.  And, I'm taking away from those other three things that are most important.

Today, as you start your week, where do your priorities lie?  Are you doing what is most important or doing things just because you can?  Is your day satisfying or plagued with guilt?

Consider your schedule for the week.  I hate cliches but are you putting too much on your plate?  Because if you are, you are going to feel really full and then get mad at yourself for "biting off more than you can chew."  Trust me, I've had a full belly one too many times and it only leads to frustration and exhaustion.  Being full takes away the fun. We are meant to savor our days instead of being miserable.

If there is anything on your schedule that you can do but maybe shouldn't do right now, make a deliberate choice to scale back. Or, find an alternative way to get it done, like I did with my monogrammed pocket tee. Let this week be about what matters most in your life. Ask God to help you refocus your priorities, rest, and receive joy.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments about what you are taking off your plate right now.  May you be intentional with what you chose to do (and don't do) this Monday!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen