movies image One of the first trimester joys, (sheer joys, I tell you!) is one's ability to not keep any food down for a significant amount of time. It's wonderful, it truly is. And while keeping the toilet as your constant companion sounds so much fun, it is even more fun feeling nauseous on the couch or your bed before or after the toilet date commenses. But, one perk out of this whole first trimester sickly debacle?


I don't know about you, but watching t.v. is about the only thing that doesn't make me nauseous in the first trimeseter.  I'm just so dog-gone tired to do anything else and sometimes books or motion adds to the sicky feeling. But, television? I can watch it in any room while praying that I don't throw up. It's what is working right now.

Anywho, my point of this post isn't about my dashing ability to make it to the toilet before the upchucking begins, it's about what I've learned through my hours of screen time. Seriously, it hit me the other night and I can't stop thinking about it. I've seen a pattern recently in my choice of movies that is now so obvious I'm surprised I haven't noticed it sooner.

Let's see if you can decipher the code about what all of these movies have in common:

little women



dan in real life


sex city




27 dresses



Any answers?

Well, besides the fact that these are majority chick flicks (I watch enough action and superhero movies with R) all of these plots revolve around at least one of the major character being guessed it, writer. Pretty neat, huh?

Seriously though, I was watching Little Women the other night (and when Claire Danes character Beth gets sick my preggo hormones totally won and I burst into tears) and couldn't help but relate to Jo's yearning to stay up late and scribble her thoughts on paper. It was part of who she was, despite being a woman in a man's society, and she wrote because she couldn't not write.

Same goes with Carrie Bradshaw. Her "real-life" adventures with friends landed her a column and book deals. Sure, the show is just as much about fashion but really it begins and ends with Carrie's thoughts on life and love.

Sometimes I feel so much like Amy Adam's character Julie in Julie and Julia. When she started her blog to document her year of cooking through Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, she was so insecure with putting her writing "out there." I've felt that way so often with this own space asking myself, "What will people think?" "Why am  I doing this?" and most importantly, "Does this even matter?"

What I'm learning about writing is this: I might not be making a career out of it like Kate Hudson's character Andie Anderson in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" but these thoughts that God gives me? They are a contribution to society.

The words that I write matter because that is a way God designed me to relate to others. 

All my life, I've loved to read and keep a journal. Now that I've realized that my favorite movies also revolve around the written word, it gives me confidence that writing down words is part of who I am. Since I began the blog, part of me has dreamed to be a professional writer. As I've learned more about this line of work, it is still part of my heart's desire but the reality about publishing is that it's just as hard to swallow as my prenatal pill. Your work doesn't always get chosen and who you know does matter. But, I'm finally at a point in my writing where I'm not so scared of rejection and not so determined to "make it" that I'm just allowing myself to write because that is part of who I am. If the words that I share are broadcasted on a huge platform or just my little space on the Internet, what should sit well with my soul is the fact that I did what God designed me to do. This approach to writing has helped me to rest in God's plans for my life instead of ambition.

Now, I want to ask you to think about your favorite movies. Do they all have a common theme? If so, is that theme relatable to who God designed you to be? I don't think things like this are coincidences, rather clues to how we are made.  If you love food and you've watched Giro Dreams of Sushi more times than you can count (seriously, I'd like to do a whole post just on the quotes from that movie), maybe that's a clue that food and hospitality is a way that God made you enjoy life. If you love the motivational sports movies (we watched the original Friday Night Lights last weekend and I am itching for the new movie to be in production) maybe God designed you to encourage others not to give up. Are you living in a way that reflects God's design for your life? If not, is fear holding you back?

Believe that the little hints which you see and experience in life matter.  Don't be afraid to be exactly who God intended for you to be. Own yourself. Declare it. Be proud that God cares so much about you and wants you to live freely as yourself.

So, what are your favorite movies and how do they relate to God's design for your life?

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen