"Um, Mommy?" I want to sit wich you," Maralee says last night with a grin on her face.

"Me too!" Adi says.

The girls climb up on the couch with me and we watch La La Loopsy before bedtime. Maralee doesn't like Adi to get too close and I tell them that there is plenty of room for everyone. They giggle and slide into their spots; Maralee under my arm and Adi next to my feet. Raleigh comes over to kiss my growing belly and encourages the girls to talk to Ridley.  Through giggles and sweet kisses, the girls love on their soon-to-be little brother.

At three and a half, our twins get that mommy has a baby in her belly. They know the baby is a boy, his name is Ridley, and he will be here in March. They each have their own "babies" that have to sleep with them every night.  Adi looks forward to changing Ridley's diaper and Maralee wants to give him his bottle.  Our girls are slowly becoming big sisters.


It brings me great delight to see the girls excited about having a baby brother. They've had to share mom and dad's attention since the day they were born and I hope that when Ridley arrives, they will adjust to sharing our attention a little more.

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This fall, we've tried to be more intentional with the time that Raleigh and I spend with the girls. We've done family trips to Auburn and the Peanut Festival.

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They've also spent time just with dad "learning to drive" and have been princesses in the park with mom.

The older our girls get, the more they are developing their own personalities.  Adi told me with great excitement the other day that she loves pink and purple and dresses and jewelry and makeup and tap tap shoes.  Then, Maralee snuck up behind her with a sword and zapped her. I think the odds are ever in Ridley's favor to be dressed up like a pirate princess.

They are getting better at going to school and love their new gymnastics class.  They wave at us through the glass mirror and are so proud to have an audience. For Halloween, Adi was set on being a witch and Maralee decided at the last minute that she would rather be a cowgirl than a butterfly princess. (Personally, I wanted them both to be princesses but I'm learning to give them a little more freedom with their choices while still setting some boundaries. I really didn't see the point in telling them no to a dress up costume).


As for their attitudes, Maralee is sensitive and sassy while Adeline is sweet and stubborn. Threatening them with the sad face spoon is my go-to discipline right now and I try to reward them when they are good by playing dress up, watching a show, and drinking their "monster" juice (Juicy Juice has Monsters University on it so I just go with it.)

I get asked often if we were planning on having another child.  Most people that I don't know are surprised when I say yes.  I get it.  To want more stinky diapers, late nights and spit up on top of twin preschoolers that still have accidents when they go potty and make messes on a daily basis seems like we are people that are horrible decision makers.  But, the mess of parenting doesn't outweigh the beauty of parenting.

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I know in a few months I'm going to be more exhausted than I am right now. I know I'm going to have mommy meltdowns and moments where I just need to be alone. I know the girls are going to feel left out and I know Ridley is going to take up a tremendous amount of our attention. I'm prepping myself now for the first diaper explosion, nursing, and colic. I'm sure I will be forgetful, cranky, and moody.

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But, I also know that in a few months our girls will hopefully get to kiss Ridley face to face.  I know their eyes will light up the first time they get to hold him and they will wrap huge big sister hugs around him in pictures.  I know we will have new bedtime routines and have a precious infant to snuggle and love. I know that we will have new milestone victories and grow together as a family. I know my heart will be even fuller than it is right now.  I know being a mom to three will be just as rewarding as being a mom to two.

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Watching our girls become big sisters is truly a gift. The more that they grow up, the more I see who they are as Adeline and Maralee.  Our girls are what I'm most proud of, and I can't wait to see how proud they are to be big sisters.

What about you?  How did your oldest child adjust to becoming a big brother or sister?  Any advice?

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

ps: the winner of the A Million Little Ways giveaway last week is Ashley Brasington! Sorry I didn't post it on Friday but I had an unusually crazy day!