steve jobs quote Now that Christmas has come and gone, we begin making plans for New Year's. The future. 2014. With these plans we set goals, resolutions, new beginnings. But usually by the end of January the goals haven't been met, the resolutions haven't been kept and the beginnings are old. We drift back into our habits, our routines, our way of life. We feel a bit guilty but usually we say that even though we failed at keeping our commitments, at least we tried.

But, is trying yet failing really good enough?

I don't think so. Because when we start something and don't finish it, we begin to believe that we can't really change. Change our weight, change our circumstances, change our habits, change who we are. We get stuck into believing that we are who we are and nothing is going to change. 

In a way, we are fine with life staying the same. Majority of people hate change. So why would we want to achieve those goals, keep those commitments, truly start over?

But are we truly living our best lives if we don't move towards change? Are we being who God created us to be if we stay put right where we are, allowing ourselves to believe this is as good as it gets? That we are as good as we are ever going to be?

Some of you might have had an awesome 2013. It was your year. You might not be able to believe that 2014 could get any better. You don't want anything to change because you love how your life is exactly right now.

Others are ready to trash 2013, take it to the dumpster and hope it never gets recycled. You don't want a year like this one but you don't really know how 2014 is going to get any better. Your spirit is crushed and your world is cold. Will life change? Can it? Really?

Whether you are on top or at the bottom, I ask you to look at 2014 with hope. Hope that there are more great moments and hope that moments will become great again. With hope, life is viewed through a broader lens and we begin to believe that we really can change.

Hope drives us to change. Hope gives us courage and perseverance to keep going past January 31st. Hope picks us back up when we fall and encourages us to try again, to not give up; fail.

Once we have hope in our hearts, we are changed.

Steve Jobs says that life doesn't have to be limited to how we are living it today. He changed our culture by just believing that he had something to offer.You have something to offer too.

Might 2014 be the year that inspires change in you? Your heart? Your mind? Your body?

Changing can be scary; intimidating. I mean, we all can't be Steve Jobs, right? Wrong. You might not be the inventor of the next computer but you can be an influencer: changing you, your family, your community, your culture. You can be a light shining in the darkness. You can be hope for the hopeless. You can change. But first, you have to believe that your goals, resolutions, and new beginnings really can be possible.

When you begin to doubt; cling to truth. When you begin to slip; ask for a helping hand. When you begin to succeed; pray for humility.

Allow yourself to not live with limitations in 2014. Accept your weaknesses and think of them as ways to build your character. Approach this new year believing that you have something to offer.

Once you do that, you'll never be the same again.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen