snow day

It's rare for our neck of the woods to be wrapped in a blanket of snow. But last week, we woke to roofs sprinkled white and lawns frozen with ice. Dothan was granted with a light dusting while our friends in Birmingham received the heavier burden of snow and ice.

Last time it snowed, I was pregnant with the girls.  


The time before that, it was just us and our dogs.




Now, with Ridley warm in my belly and the twins growing faster than water turning to ice, I am reminded that life goes by in such a hurry. We can't freeze time; however we can enjoy time together while we thaw from winter's grace.


The ice storm was unpredictable when it hit Alabama last week.  Many of our friends were without power and they couldn't get to their kids.  Snowpacalypse is what everybody called it.  It didn't fall at exactly the greatest time for us, either.  With a women's conference only three days away; work was cancelled, items couldn't be shipped, and travel was uncertain for our group of speakers. There wasn't anything we could do but wait out the storm. 


And, it was during this wait that I received time so precious. Time to rest, time to plan without interruption, and most importantly, time spent with my family.  I hadn't gone to the grocery store the day before to stock up (because I didn't have time and seriously thought we could survive one day on what was already in our pantry) but should have because I had a craving for pancakes but had no mix. Instead of defeat, I googled how to make homemade pancakes.  I had all the ingredients right in my kitchen so we feasted on warm flapjacks, cheese grits and scrambled eggs on our snow Wednesday. I must say, the food and the snuggling on the couch were just delicious.


recipe found on all recipes (I added a bit more flour to make them not as thin)

Mixing ingredients together to make something satisfying is simply delightful to me. Cooking is an art; a masterpiece that is harder to create with our busy schedules.  So when there is time to slow down and create in the kitchen, not only a symphony of flavors combine into a delectable edible, but music is made in the making. The kitchen entices its' owners to come, create, wait.

When I first began to visualize creating art in our new kitchen; my imagination was stuck - it couldn't see past the walls, the unusual placement of appliances, or understand the flow. The space was restricting and didn't seem like a gathering place.

before kitchen

We expanded the wall going into the living room  and removed the upper cabinets by the kitchen sink.  We also closed up the door to the former dining room and our refrigerator will be moved next to the stove and microwave. For the center island, we made the counter top one level and it will be longer to have more prep space. 

kitchen in progressBut all that changed when the walls came tearing down. Immediately the kitchen was open and my thoughts danced with the ideas of entertaining easily from the living room to the hub of our new home. I could see the girls eating snacks at the bar, working on homework at the kitchen table, and me holding Ridley barefoot in the kitchen.  Demolishing walls, expanding counter tops, and updating cabinets changed my disposition and created a space for us to be fed.

Our kitchen is the last room in the house that will be completed.  It is the room that I've been waiting the longest to see come into fruition.  Yet, I know the wait is worth it, I know the time taken to transform this space is not in vain. I have no doubt that our new kitchen will serve up food hearty enough for our stomachs and our souls. 


Soon, the dishes will be piled high with pancakes on another winter day.  With each chocolaty, syrupy, scrumptious bite, I hope to be reminded that time is precious and best spent with the ones we love. Eating pancakes, of course.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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