Do you ever have those moments when you know that you are so close to getting something that you want yet you are still so far away? Well, I'm in the middle of one of those moments right now because we are almost ready to move into our new house.  Our floors still have to be completed, kitchen cabinets and counter tops installed, and light fixtures hung but it feels so good to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  After five months of renovating, our house in the country will soon be our home!

Here are some shots of the progress that has been made:

Since my last living room post, we have added beams to the ceiling and painted it with a light pickle finish.  All that's left to do to the ceiling is install the light fixtures and fan.



2014-01-22 12.52.17

Our floors in the living room were finished up this weekend.  I love the thicker plank of wood and the pecan color of our floors. It looks so nice against our soft wall color.  The girls already love to run around in this room!

2014-03-01 16.03.54

The dining room and office is finished except for some base board touching up and adding our light fixtures.  I can't wait to show you the pretty chandelier we picked for the dining room!  Oh, and we are adding a sliding barn door to separate these two rooms (this makes me want to bust out my happy clap :) ).

2014-02-27 11.56.36

The master bathroom is so lovely.  The shower is finished and the vanity area is almost done. All that we have left to do is install the counter tops and hook up the tub and toilet.  Trust me, one of the first things I'm going to do in our new house is take a bubble bath in our claw foot tub!

2014-02-17 19.08.39


2014-02-20 16.20.55

This week our kitchen cabinet doors are being put on the cabinets and the counter top will be installed.  We are very pleased with the color combo in the kitchen and look forward to family night suppers in our new space.

2014-02-17 19.05.33


2014-02-20 16.22.52


2014-02-26 12.14.53


2014-02-28 13.11.00

I still want to show you updates on the kids rooms but I'll save that for another post.

Right now, our rental is being packed up and boxes are slowly making their way into our new home.  Moving is rewarding but scary at the same time.  I think what makes moving scary is the idea of being somewhere new.  New can be scary, right?  But, it can also be completely wonderful and just what is needed.  For me, I'm scared because I've never lived outside of a neighborhood and up until this point, the renovation has seemed more like a fun project and a time for us to creatively dream together about what home should feel like.  But, the dream is almost reality and sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe that this is all really happening.  We've been in transition for a year and a half and to finally unpack all our boxes and claim a house to be our home is terrifyingly exciting.

2014-02-19 10.00.25-2

As you know, I was pregnant during majority of this renovation.  So many people have asked me if I've been stressed out having two major life changes happening at the same time.  While the past five-nine months have had stressful moments, the whole process has been surprisingly less stressful than I imagined.  I think being pregnant and renovating our house have had more similarities instead of stressful situations because both have inspired me to be thankful, trust in God's timing, and to have hope.  I'm reminded so much of what God says to Joshua before he enters the Promised Land, “Here is what I am commanding you to do. Be strong and brave. Do not be terrified. Do not lose hope. I am the Lord your God. I will be with you everywhere you go.” (Joshua 1:5-9)

Be strong and brave. 

Yes, being strong and brave is much better than being stressed or scared.  Being strong and brave through life changes teaches us that God is with us and is taking care of us.  Just as he has taken care of my pregnancy and our home renovation, he is taking care of you.  Whatever life change that might be stressful or scary, give it to God and don't lose hope that your Promised Land is just over that mountain that you've been climbing. 

And friend? Once you get to your Promised Land, rest in that moment of knowing how much you are loved.  

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen


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