be you bravely This Halloween, I just knew my girls would want to be Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Like most other four year old girls (and their parents, if we are being honest!), they have fallen in love with the story of these two sisters. But, when it came time to get dressed to go trick or treating two weeks ago, my girls refused to wear their new costumes. If I've learned anything about being a mother, it's that I've got to pick and choose my battles. So, instead of forcing them to wear their Anna and Elsa costumes, I said, "Okay, here are two other costumes that you can wear. Pick one."


My eldest twin chose Rapunzel and my younger chose Ariel from The Little MermaidThey were happy in their costumes and I was happy that they were happy. Later that evening, as we were going door to door, I told Adeline how pretty she looked as Rapunzel. Several of her friends were dressed up like Elsa and I asked her if she was still okay with not choosing that costume to wear for Halloween. You know what my four year old said to me? "Mom, I didn't want to be Elsa. I wanted to be different."

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