day 8

*A big dream is simultaneously the best feeling and worst feeling in the world.

I know, because I'm in the middle of a big dream right now.

In less than a month, Stormie Omartian, Meredith Andrews, and Jennifer Rothschild will be at my church. To have these women lead over 1,000 other women for two days in worship, prayer, and scripture is a mind blowing, God-sized dream that I am so excited to see fulfilled.

This dream began seven years ago. I was a newlywed living in Birmingham and we were home for the weekend, listening to Hays preach in Covenant's brand new sanctuary. The building was gorgeous and it was full of people wanting more of Christ. Even though I loved life in Birmingham, I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to do something at my hometown church.

As God helped me better define my purpose over the next few years, I attended a women's conference called Allume. The one word that I circled in prayer after that conference was community. We had just moved back home and I had landed a job at Covenant as the children's director. What community meant at Covenant was still something I needed to process.

Fast-forward two years and I've transitioned into being the women's coordinator at Covenant. As a brand new position, the door was wide open to dream big. This was when an e-mail from Jennifer Rothschild caught my eye. She had a conference called Fresh Grounded Faith and the mission statement is "One Event. Many Churches. For Every Woman."

Soon I was on a plane with a friend to check this conference out. We landed in Springfield, Missouri, and I was soon captivated by the spirit of this event. But I was also scared to death. Would women come? Could we afford it? Am I capable of leading this thing?

Bringing Fresh Grounded Faith to Covenant was an investment and I needed some type of confirmation before saying yes. It was then that I read these words from Brennan Manning in The Ragamuffin Gospels about the parable of the talents:

"The third, who prudently wraps his money and buries it, typifies the Christian who deposits his faith in an hermetic container and seals the lid shut. He or she refuses the challenge of growth and spiritual maturity. Unwilling to take risks, this person loses the talent entrusted to him or her. The master wanted his servants to take risks. He wanted them to gamble with his money."

I didn't want to be like the third servant, unwilling to take a risk with what God had given me. It was time for me to go big or go home. So we signed the contract and the planning for the biggest event of my career began.

And you know what?

God has blessed the stew out of that risk!

Thirteen local churches are in, bringing their women to worship together as a community. Volunteers have said yes and tickets have been sold. We are getting down to the final weeks of planning and preparation and God continues to replace any of my party planning anxiety with his peace. I've accepted that I can't do this alone, that this has to be ordained by him. God is with me and he is for this.

Friends, as we learn this week about dreaming big, I want us to have confidence in our God. Stormie Omartian, one of our special guests for Fresh Grounded Faith gives us this word of encouragement:

Ask God to reignite your hope in His ability to do the impossible. When you have hope in the Lord, you will have joy in your heart. “The hope of the righteous will be gladness” (Proverbs 10:28).

Share with us today, what impossible things has God already done in your life?

Stormie quote

As a special treat, today we are giving away a copy of Stormie's book, "The Power of a Praying Life." For a chance to win, like our Facebook page and share today's giveaway with your friends!

Tickets are still available for Fresh Grounded Faith Dothan but they are going quick! You can order online or stop by Covenant to purchase. The event is February 6th-7th. 

*Mark Batterson, The Circle Maker.

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