IMG_6361 So, yeah, my baby boy is not such a baby anymore.

up up and away collage

A little over a month ago, he turned one.


Since then, he's gotten four new teeth and has discovered the awesomeness of toilet paper. He just laughs and looks at me like, "What? I can't help it if the paper keeps coming when I pull." Oh, and he's definitely got a sweet tooth. Just this past Sunday, he made all sorts of noises until I shared my Reese's egg with him. I'll give him credit though, I'd be making all sorts of funny noises if someone didn't share a Reese's egg with me too.



Anyway, I can't believe he's already one. And I'm sad to say that I'm just now sharing this, almost two months later. But, he's the baby and life is always moving so I'm not going to feel guilty. Hope you enjoy! 

Ridley 1 Year Collage

Happy birthday, sweet Ridley boy.

You've made me understand this past year what the term "mama's boy" really means. I've always considered the term to be directed toward the child, how boys need their moms more than girls do. But ever since I heard you cry, you've been the child that I've loved in a way that my heart still can't put words toward. Maybe it's because you were born healthy or maybe it's because you might be the last child to ever leave my womb but all I know is I'm so grateful to God to be your mom.


You have a way of making everyone else around you smile. That toothless grin appeared days after you were born and it's only gotten bigger and more full of teeth ever since. And your laugh, oh, that laugh! How can we not laugh right along with you? Thank you for making those around you feel so much better.


I always wondered how we were going to do it, your dad and I, raising three kids under the age of five. Most people thought we were crazy and many asked if you were a surprise. You were planned and my pregnancy was perfectly timed by God but having you around has surprised me. I'm surprised by how much I love having another child, and how your dad was right. Sweet child, thank you for being the most relaxed baby I've ever met.


Your sisters have surprised me too. They don't like it when you pull their hair but boy, do they love having you around. The other day, you were standing next to Adeline by the fireplace and I was reminded that you could not have two better big sisters. They are full of boisterous activity, make believe worlds and opinions and you enjoy joining in on their fun, even if it's just crawling around their room.  Thanks to them, you get to pull all the hair you want on their My Little Ponies and Barbie's. You've even claimed Adeline's red toothbrush and chase after Maralee every time she begins to run. I'm glad you've got not only big sisters but forever friends.


When you went to daycare for the very first time, I didn't know if I could handle it. I've been through every single stage of mommy guilt but I've come to the conclusion that there is just no reason to compare your first year to the girls. They had completely different needs because of their prematurity and we were in a different season of life. It was a hard choice to be a working mom but I don't think you love me any less.


Because you are the third child, you have had to go with the flow. You usually nap in your car seat and I still don't think we've fed you all your first fruits and vegetables.  But, you've gotten to go to Auburn football games and Disney World and trips to the beach! Your life of adventure has started early and I hope you always see the world with eyes of wonder, ready to explore.



You aren't walking yet but you sure are close. I've always known this time would come but I have to admit I haven't rushed you into mobility. I like to hold you and already miss nursing you. I want to protect you and keep you close. One of the hardest parts of being your mom is letting go.


Yep, you are this mama's boy. I'm going to kiss those cheeks for as long as you let me and love you forever. I'll be your biggest cheerleader and always feed you your favorite meal. I'm already praying for the girl you will love one day and for the times when your heart is going to break. I hope you enjoy growing up as a farm boy and enjoy superheros and Star Wars as much as your dad does. One day I'm sure you are going to outgrow your sisters but somehow I know you will always love them with brotherly affection. The world awaits you, Ridley, and I know God's got great plans for your life.


May the Lord bless you and keep you and always make his face shine upon you.

Happy birthday, son.


Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen


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