2015-03-22 16.02.39 My husband caught me a few weeks ago in my organizational-nerd mode. It felt SO good putting all of our craft stuff into storage containers for our playroom.

But, there is still so much to do.

Right now, I'm sitting in my office surrounded by boxes. One box is full of clothes from when the twins were little that I need to consign. Other boxes are stacked with preschool documents and another with addresses, stamps, and envelopes. The china cabinet that houses all of my books is right in the middle of this space and my desk has a container of Goo Gone, my camera, my blog notebook, and an old wallet that holds all of my Christmas receipts laying on it.

It's true, we've been making this house our home for a year now but there is still so much to do. I'm learning that progress takes patience and less really is more.

What I've also learned this past year of homemaking is this: I need help.

I need help organizing my closet. I need help figuring out the best way to freeze blueberries (flash freeze them on a cookie sheet without washing them!). I need help with my cleaning, my finances, and DIY projects. Most importantly, I need help with my marriage, being a mom, and my own health and wellness.

I think you might need some help too.

Friends, The Ultimate Homemaking e-book bundle is the real deal.


If it wasn't, I would not be wasting my time writing to you about it. It's true, if you buy the bundle, I will receive a portion of the proceeds, which will ultimately help me better this space for my readers and if there's extra it will help me take care of my family's needs. But, believe me when I say that's not the point. The point is, I know this bundle can help you and I want to share it with you so much that I'm bringing back Chris10's Monthly Must-have's (woo-hoo!) to give you ten good reasons why I believe in this bundle:



1. Tons of cute decorating ideas.

I know that somebody reading this today is a college grad looking for frugal ways to decorate her first "working girl" space. Or, you could have recently moved (like us) and want a fresh look for your new space.

2. E-Courses that can change your home

The bundle offers the Healthy Home e-course ($99 value) and The Parent's Guide to Natural Remedies e-course (also a $99 value) for just $29.97. This past year, my whole family has had the flu and stomach virus. Our girls also have asthma and a cough that just won't go away. I've wanted to purchase the natural oils but I need help learning how to do them properly. I want the bundle just so I can learn more about implementing more healthy, natural products into our home.

3. Another Pregnancy Book Besides What You Can Expect When You Are Expecting

I have readers e-mail me all the time asking about my favorite pregnancy books. While What You Can Expect is awesome-sauce, these e-books are full of great advice from real moms who have been pregnant recently.

4. Real Marriage Advice that Doesn't Beat Around the Bush.

Somebody else that is reading this is having a really tough time with her marriage and could totally benefit from reading my dear friend Kayse's book Worth the Fight.

5. $300 Extra Bonuses are included

Say what?! Y'all, it's seriously the bomb (yes, I did just use a reference from the class of 2002). With the purchase of the bundle, you get bonuses from great companies like Craftsy, She Plans Dinner, and Green Kid Crafts.

6. It's Almost Like Your Husband Got You A Maid.

So yeah, a real maid that cleans your home might be a little bit better than an e-book. But, if you can't get a maid or if you have one and your house turns into a disaster zone the moment your kids get home, the e-books about cleaning and organizing can help you with that!

7. Party Planning Awesomeness

I'm a party planner. I love to browse Pinterest when I plan a birthday party or around the holidays looking for decoration inspiration. While Pinterest will always hold a special place in my heart, the e-books about holiday decorating and special events are incredibly helpful too.  holiday decorating and I refer her to this bundle because I'm really not the expert on all of that stuff.

8. You are Going to Want it Later but Can't Get It

The sale for this bundle ends tonight. Tonight! And after that, you will want it and can't get it. I know you might not have $29.97 budgeted exactly for this purchase today but think about how much money you are saving in the long run if you get it today instead of searching for the perfect e-book to answer your homemaking needs a month from now? Plus, e-books are way cheaper than real books about all of this stuff. I'd rather buy a real Nicholas Sparks book than a book on cleaning, wouldn't you? But, I need help with cleaning just as much as I need to finish reading The Longest Ride before the movie wraps up in theaters. Just sayin'.

9. Motherhood is hard

2015-03-22 19.12.46

It's also a whole lot of fun. And really exhausting and gratifying at the same time. The books in this bundle that have helped me find joy in the midst of raising my three little people. And that's what is most important, right?

10. I'm Giving Away My Husband!


Well, his architectural design services, at least. I'm quite fond of him and think he is incredibly talented at what he does. If you buy your bundle, just leave a comment in the post saying you got it and I'll pick one winner who will get a free 30 minute architectural design consultation on your home. He will guide you in whatever you are wanting advice on for your home - paint colors, kitchen remodel, master bath re-do, roofing questions, DIY projects, remodeling on a budget - whatever you have questions about, he will spend thirty minutes talking to you about it for free. Believe me, this is worth far more than $29.97.

The point is, if you are a homemaker, this bundle is going to help you out. And, it's a steal of a deal. You get over 99 e-books that regularly cost $1,274 for only $29.97. And the deal ends today. So, if you want it, please buy it.

Happy Home-making wonderful readers and friends.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen