11046695_10102887508232221_5267449432601438750_n The air was thick and sticky from the rain that was expected to fall late morning but the crowds still came, dressed up in their superhero outfits ready to run. My crossfit buddy Sibel asked me to join her, and our other friends Sam and Katie to run in a local charity event this past Saturday morning. The four of us bought Wonder Woman socks and before we knew it, the capes on the back of our socks began to flap as we took off for the three mile trail run.

We each kept our own paces, Sam in the lead, Sibel a few yards back and then me. Even though I was running with friends, I was really running solo. Over and over, I told myself to keep going and I tried to give myself grace when I did need to walk. As I shuffled along wooden paths, then past the soccer fields and finally the finish line my mantra inside my head was "You can do this." 

Have you ever had to give yourself a pep talk when you were doing something that was hard?

I truly believe that our minds can make our bodies do anything. I think that is why people like Louie Zamperini (the war hero/Olympian runner whose story was told in the movie Unbroken) can survive World War II concentration camps. His body could have easily failed him but his mind believed, "You can do this."

What does your mind need to tell your body you can do?

how to be happy with your body

Maybe your first step is taking a walk around the block. Or, joining a gym with your friends. Your mind could tell your body, "Don't eat that. Eat this instead."

As a woman, I'm critical of my body. It's changed so much this past year...for nine months the numbers grew on the scale as I was pregnant with Ridley and then after he was born the extra pounds slowly came off. To get my body back, I began to work out and eat healthier (I'll be sharing more about how I lost my weight on Wednesday) but I still catch myself wishing my arms were more toned or the numbers on the scale a little lighter. Loving the way my body looks begins with how I think about myself.


Whenever I get done exercising, I'm always happier, even if it was hard. Working out releases any tensions that I've had that day and gives me confidence that if I can get through this, I can get through anything. I'm better to myself when I exercise and in turn, I'm usually a better wife, mother, co-worker, daughter and friend.

Today is Monday and it's a great day to begin living well.

take ten

Carve out some time today to exercise. Even if your day is crazy, take ten minutes to go on a walk or do some sit-ups in your house. If you can, go outside and get some fresh air while you work out. Make up your mind to do something positive for yourself today. Now go, and get happy!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen


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