Since Ridley has turned one, he has slowly changed from baby to boy. Instead of his usual scoot-crawl, he began to pull up. Pulling up led to a few timid steps and a big smile once he reached my arms. Soon, his little body was able to stay upright and his feet got a little more courageous. Now, at fifteen months, he hangs with the big kids, walking and giggling up and down our halls like a pro.

With his new walking skills, he's gotten way more adventurous. He thinks the toilet paper in the bathroom is a means for an epic celebration and the sippy cups in the kitchen drawer need to be constantly re-arranged. He totters from this room to that, exploring and touching and smiling adorably every time he gets caught.

Another boy-like trait that he continues to develop is his love for food. Just this past Sunday, the child ate one and half corndogs at CovFest. And he wanted more!

Whatever we are eating, he wants a bite and when he finds something he likes, he does this bootie-scoot and laughs. Even though he can't talk, he is saying, "Mom, this is delicious!"

With him being the third child, he naturally goes where we all go. Whether it is the pool or the beach, gymnastics or church, he is right there with us, doing his thing. He is a mess and I find myself having to keep him clean, not only at home but also on-the-go. So, when I got a message that Huggies wanted me to try out their New and Improved Triple Clean Layers at Wal-Mart, I was in. What mom doesn't need wipes?

I like to use Huggies Natural Care wipes for our little man at home. When I went to purchase the wipes, I got some refills so I could have plenty of wipes and then the Pop-Up Tub to store the wipes that I use at his changing table. Then, I put some of the refills in this super cute Clutch 'n' Clean bag in my purse. I carry these with me everywhere!

When we are on-the-go, I usually try to carry diapers, wipes, snacks, and drinks to keep my kids clean and full. This summer, we are going to be all over the place - the beach, the pool, and the park - so I'm constantly keeping all the necessities on hand.

Just this past Monday, we went to the park with a friend and I used the wipes in my Clutch 'n' Clean to get the dirt off his hands before he ate, wipe the sweat off his face from playing in the heat, and also used the wipes to clean his sippy cup every time it fell to the ground as he chased his sisters on the playground.

Now that Ridley is walking, our family is even busier than we were before.With that busyness comes mess that has to be cleaned up. Whenever I get tired of cleaning or going or doing I just remind myself that this is the stage of life that we are in right now and getting overwhelmed with it all does nobody any good. Instead, I take a moment to pause and soak up everything I love about this season of life.

As I watch him chase his sisters in just a diaper after the rain, I am keenly aware that he is growing from baby to boy right in front of my eyes. Because kids outgrow diapers, and not messes*, I know that soon he is going to be digging up dirt, playing with trucks and going on even more adventures.

I know many of you are chasing little ones around the house too so I wanted to share with you these funny videos about being a mom. I'm sure you will relate! :)

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How to Keep the Play, Not the Dirty 

Thank you to Huggies for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try Huggies Wipes at Walmart!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen