15 Best Planners for Moms, Students, & Professionals With a new school year about to begin, many of us are searching for the perfect planner to help us stay organized. We all have our own unique ways of tackling our to-do lists but many of us still enjoy the good ole' fashioned paper planner to jot down notes and keep us feeling just a tad bit in control of our days. Over the years, I've tried different planners but I still haven't landed on one that does everything I need it to do. Here are my planner must-have's:

  • Cute yet durable
  • Notebook size
  • Big spaces for the month so I can write in the blocks easily
  • Blocks for each day instead of hours
  • Heavy-duty paper so my Sharpie pens don't bleed through (I use pencil for my calendar but sometimes use pens for my to-do lists)
  • Tabs for me to get to each section easily
  • As an extra, I like words of encouragement or quotes sprinkled through the planner and extra pages for notes

A few weeks ago, I asked friends on Facebook if they had any recommendations for a great planner that starts in August and is cute. Over thirty people responded, some agreeing on the same planner and others with planners I'd never heard of before. I began doing some research on each planner and today I'm sharing my results with you. If you are in the market for a new planner, this post is for you!

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purposeful planner

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plum paper

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The Most Recommended Planners:

1. Erin Condren

Erin condren

The Erin Condren planner was by far the most recommended planner from my friends. I can see why so many people love it! She has tons of options for you to choose from and has wonderful accessories to go with each style. Her LifePlanner is a favorite and teachers also love her Teacher Lesson Planners. I personally love the Prism Planner in Turquoise because it is stylish and can be monogrammed (however the Taffy Stripes comes in a close second!).

Planner Options:

- The LifePlanner has three options for cover design - ready to ship, personalized, or create your own

- Choose to have full 2016 calendar with remaining months of 2015 (perfect for a school year) or just a 2016 calendar

- Vertical or Horizontal Weekly Layout Options (I like the vertical because it is broken into time blocks)

- Price - $50 - $65

While Erin Condren was ranked the #1 planner according to my friends, one friend did mention that this planner has had the best major shipping issues. She said to look at the Erin Condren Issues and Concerns FB group before placing your order. As of this week, her store says that most planners will ship around August 13th.

2. Plum Paper

Plum paper

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Plum Paper planners came in a very close second! They are more customizable than Erin Condren and can begin in whatever month you choose for a 12-month calendar. Right away, I loved the look of Plum Paper's site and the fact that they have add on tags that include My Home, Blog, Baby, & Direct Sales. They also have stickers! I really liked this mint and coral cover design. :)

Planner Details:

- Cover Designs are customizable

- Begin in whatever month you choose

- Choose how your weekly pages are laid out

- Price - $30-$40 (if you want to purchase add on pages they are around $2)

3. MomAgenda


MomAgenda planners were recommended by three of my friends. Their planners have simple and clean color designs and look like they would fit easily into a mom purse. They also come in a mini version! While this agenda looks like it would offer almost everything that I need, I was not as impressed with this site while researching because I didn't feel as though the planners were very customizable. But, they do have spaces for you to plan for up to four kids, which is extremely nice.

Planner Details:

- Comes in Spiral or Bound and has mini options

- August 2015 - December 2016

- Extra Pages for Vacation and Party Planning

- Price - $19-$75 (depending on size, the average size planner is around $40)

4. Lilly Pulitzer


Lilly Pulitzer Agendas just make you feel happy with their cheerful Lilly designs splashed on every cover. Her Pink Lemonade Large Agenda caught my eye immediately! The Lilly Agenda is unique because it focuses on life being an adventure and it gives you pages to plan out your vacations. While this planner is fun, I don't know if it would be the most practical planner for me.

Planner Details:

- Spiral Bound and comes in Small, Medium, Large, and Jumbo sizes

- Cover is not customizable but is super fun and comes with an elastic band to keep pages in place

- Offers Weekly Pages

- Price - $17-$34

5. The Simplified Planner

Emily Ley SP

The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley is just what it says it is: simple. But don't let simple fool you...her planners are drop dead gorgeous. They are for the modern mom, businesswoman, and student with both its' functionality and elegance. I am especially drawn to her Academic Daily Calendar in Mint (which is sold out, of course!). But, her 2016 planners are available on September 9th so mark your calendars to snag one before they are gone!

Planner Details:

- Spiral Bound in Gold and comes in 7.75 X 9 inches

- Comes in three styles - Gold Pineapple, Happy Stripe, and Mint Dot (not customizable)

- Offers Monthly and Weekly Pages (weekly pages are scheduled from 6 am - 9 pm)

- Price - $58 (comes in a keepsake box!)

While The Simplified Planner was recommended by friends and the favorite planner when reviewed by my friend Kayse, another friend mentioned that while The Simplified Planner was very pretty it was not functional. She said that the pages were too thin and didn't hold up to colored pens or highlighters.

Other Great Planners You Can Purchase Online:

6. Day Designer

Day designer

Day Designer Planners claim that they will help you find lost hours, spend more time with family and friends, and lessen the chaos of daily living. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Her Black Spotty planner is whimsy yet elegant and I like how she has pages labeled "Today, To-Do, Dinner, & Gratitude." One friend mentioned that these planners were cute but big if you need to carry it.

Planner Details:

- Spiral Bound in Gold and comes in 9 x 9.75 inches

- Comes in three styles - Black Stripe, Black Spotty, and Printed Gold Stripe (not customizable)

- Offers Monthly and Daily Pages (daily pages schedule begins at 5 am)

- Price - $59

7. The Purposeful Planner


{giving one away on Instagram - follow @chris10price to enter!}

The Purposeful Planner is new to market but stands up to the competition. With its gold spiral and trendy patterns, The Purposeful Planner not only looks good but it was created with well, purpose. It comes with pages for you to budget, menu plan, create a master task list, and set goals. Corie Clark, the designer of The Purposeful Planner says, "You can do anything in fifteen minutes!" Having personally used this planner, it is sturdy and not too heavy and gives you room to dream and plan.

Planner Details:

- Spiral Bound in Gold and comes in 9 x 10 inches

- Comes in two styles - CoCo Stripe and Holly Floral

- Offers Monthly and Daily Pages (with quotes and places to record your water intake, prayer/praise and brain dump)

- Price - $42 - $48

8. May Designs

May Designs

May Designs offers lots of different prints and options for monograms. If you are in the market for a pretty yet simple planner, this one is for you. You can choose months + weeks agendas or the planner can be just for your wedding, baby, or an adult coloring book.

Planner Details:

- 5 x 8 in size

- Soft Canvas Color and individually stitched for eco-friendly design

- Price - $16 - $23

9. More Time Moms

OFC 44398-2

More Time Moms big fridge calender was recommended by a friend and it claims to be a great family and home calendar. While I like the big spaces on each page, I just don't think I could look at the cartoon illustrations every day of the year! I'm sure this calendar is great and functional but it's not for me.

Planner Details:

- Spiral Bound, 15 x 11

- Tons of stickers for appointments and chores, plus comes with coloring pages for kids

- Big Monthly & Daily Sections

- Price - $15.99

Planners you can find in local stores:

10. Blue Sky

Blue Sky - Target

Blue Sky at Target - $9.99 (trendy and eco-friendly)

11. Arc

arc staples

Arc at Staples - $20.99  (sturdy)

12. Day Runner

day runner office depot 400460_p_4010214_inuse_eggplant

Day Runner at Office Depot - $39.99 (leather, zips up, durable)

13. Sn@p!


Sn@p! Planners at Michael's - $14.99  (two different styles that can be customizable)

Free planners:

14. The Confident Mom


The Confident Mom Planner - free to download online. Print it and put it in a binder or have it bound at Office Max.

15. The Handmade Home


The Handmade Home Planner - when I worked at the church, all the girls downloaded this free calendar and we all loved it! I like how I can print out as many pages as I need and organize them exactly as it makes sense to me. I'm especially fond of the Notes Pages and the Ideas & Inspiration (I tend to have more words scribbled on these pages than anywhere else!) However, my notebook feels a bit like a college student and I wouldn't mind a more modern look and feel. But hey, it's free!

So, there you have it: fifteen planners that are perfect for moms, students, and professionals. I hope you can find a planner that is perfect for your schedule so you can spend your time well.

What's your favorite planner? Place your comment in the box below!
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Happy planning, friends!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen