Have you ever wondered how some women just seem to do it all? She's the boss lady who owns her own scripture shop, homeschools her kids, and is writing a book.

She's the executive at the office who serves as chair to multiple non-profit organizations and she's always at her sons' (many) baseball games.

She's the mom who goes to the gym, runs the trail, and plays tennis all before ten in the morning. She's the one who takes food to the Food Pantry and makes her kids' after-school activities her first priority.

We all know women like this in our society. While we cheer them on in their endeavors, we also feel a twinge of jealousy creep up inside of us. "How does she do it?" we first ask ourselves. And then the comparison question soon follows, "How come she can do it all and I can't?"

This is the question that we are really asking when we see women multi-task like superheroes. When this question comes into our presence, our first inclination is to doubt our own worth, schedules, and choices in life. Comparison slides us into a pit of insecurity, so dark and so fast that we don't know we are trapped until we can't seem to get ourselves undone.

Trust me, it's where I've lived these past few years as a wife, mom, and pursuer of purpose. It's ugly, it's hard, and it's not at all how God intended for us to view ourselves or other people.

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