Hello, September!

I am a big fan of the month of September. Why, you ask? Well, for starters, we are finally past the back-to-school frenzy of August (hallelujah, praise the Lord!) but we aren't quite in the hustle and bustle of the holiday months. September shows the first signs of fall, but still disguises itself as a summer month here in the south. I find no harm or foul to break out the fall decor around the house, nor do I find it unacceptable to sit around and watch football all day on Saturday in my shorts. September is the time for us to find our fall rhythm and can truly bring us much optimism for the remainder of the year. With September officially underway, I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorite things for this month! 


1. Rifle Paper Co. Planner

I'm switching things up this academic year with a new planner! My writing coach, Melinda, suggested I keep a separate calendar for my book and blog to help me not get overwhelmed with all the things I need to do for my book release next spring. Usually, I just keep one planner for work, family, and writing, but I have to admit that so far I am really loving having separate planners! This planner from Rifle Paper Company is small, light, and beautiful. I like how it has monthly and weekly tasks and goes through December 2017. I bought it at Naomi and Olive in Dothan but you can also find it online!

2. Whole 30

I know, I know, Whole 30 is nothing new and you've probably heard lots about it already. BUT, for those of you who have not tried Whole 30, allow me to be your guinea pig this month. While I'm not terribly excited about giving up wheat, peanut butter (PEANUT BUTTER Y'ALL!), and sugar, I am looking forward to detoxing my body over the next thirty(ish) days. Basically, I'll be eating lots of meat, veggies, and healthy fats - which isn't so bad - but I do have to cut out some favorite snacks. I'll let you know how it goes....

3. Can't Stop the Feeling

It's true...I can't stop humming this song! JT isn't bringing sexy back (c'mon, it's for the Trolls movie!) but he is bringing back clean dance party music. I listen to this song when I work out, on Friday nights with the kids, and even when I'm designing late at night. It's just fun!

4. Gap Colored Skinny Jeans for Fall

This weekend, I scored a pair of skinny jeans at half price at the Gap Outlet. I was impressed by all the colors Gap has in these jeans - lots of khaki, burgundies, and browns for fall. Also, they are STRETCHY! I have trouble finding good jeans that fit and don't cost a fortune so I was pretty pumped to get a pair of jeans for less than $40 that fit well. 

5. Pottery Barn Mackenzie Water Bottles

The girls were given these water bottles as a birthday gift and we have used them all summer long. These water bottles stay cold, have a great lid, and come in tons of cute patterns. They can also be monogrammed and are on sale now at PB Kids. I need to get Ridley one before the sale ends!  

6. Batkid Begins

Cue the water works people. R and I watched Batkid Begins on Netflix recently and it was seriously inspiring and heartwarming. With September being childhood cancer awareness month, you should sit down with your family and watch this documentary NOW. 

7. Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Soy Candle

Y'all, I am LOVING me some Mrs. Meyer's right now! I've recently joined Grove Collaborative, which has amazing products for your health, beauty, and home. I love being part of Grove because they ship me all my household cleaning items from brands that I really respect. Having kids around the house, I've tried to be better about using products that are safe for little hands to touch, especially on the counters. I love the scent of lavender (it's so calming through the craziness of our daily living!) and this candle from Mrs. Meyer's gives off such a lovely scent of lavender when burned. Grove Collaborative has a great offer going on right now where you can get $10 to try it out! Yay!!! 

8. Matilda Jane Backpack

Y'all, how cute are these backpacks?! So much more fun than an old school JanSport, don't you think? Nothing beats the attention to detail on a Matilda Jane product and I'm always amazed at how well they mix prints and patterns. I've seen several older girls carrying these backpacks at school and they look like they hold up really well. 

9. Stranger Things

Okay, if you have not watched Stranger Things on Netflix, you are seriously missing out! Stranger Things is set in the 80's and is a sci-fi thriller that follows a case of a missing boy in a small town. I'm not gonna lie - it gets pretty far out and crazy, making me want to pull a blanket over my head in some parts - but it is one of the best series that Raleigh and I have watched together in a long time. Prepare to watch all six episodes in a week. 

10. Altar'd State Coordinate Cuff Bracelet

Lately, I feel like I've been wearing the same ole jewelry and need some fun bangles to add to my accessory style. These coordinate cuff bracelets from Altar'd State come with the coordinates of many college towns etched in them, which make it perfect to wear on game day! I think this bracelet would look super cute mixed with a leather bracelet or even some beaded bracelets in your school's colors. War Eagle, baby!!!

I'd love to hear from you in the comments what your favorite things are or if one of these things are on your must-have list too!!!

Happy September y'all!

Celebrating you,