HEART // SHOP - Saturday, January 12

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HEART // SHOP - Saturday, January 12

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HeartShop is a workshop that helps women identify how to love God and her people with all her heart.

Our Intent: To equip you with the ability to remove distractions so you can focus and live fully in the here and now.

Why Now? January is a time to start fresh. We need to carve out time to reflect over last year so we can move forward and live fully this year.

What You Will Gain from This Experience:

  • Reset. You will have time to breathe and reset yourself after the Christmas season for the new year.

  • Clarity. This workshop will teach you how to discern God’s voice and listen to where He is leading your heart this year. You will participate in a “heart check-up” and create space to connect with God so you can intentionally move in the direction He is leading you this year.

  • Brunch. During our brunch, we will not only enjoy delicious, made-from-scratch food that will cleanse our bodies, but we will also have a chance to dig deeper and share what God has laid on our hearts in a round-table discussion. This type of conversation will help each woman receive confidence and overcome her fears before she leaves HeartShop.

What to Bring: A Bible, journal, planner, and your favorite pens/pencils.

What to Wear: Yoga Pants and Top Bun! No nice clothes allowed, ha!

Where: Christen’s House | 1838 East Highway 134, Midland City, Al 36350

When: Saturday, January 12, 2019 | 8:30 - 12:00 p.m.

*Tickets can not be refunded but you can pass it along to a friend if you cannot attend.