Hey friends,

Hope everyone is staying dry on this rainy day! I don't know about you, but I am sure glad today was hump day. Only two more days until the weekend! We are heading back to Auburn this weekend to tailgate with some of Raleigh's architecture friends. They are a fun crowd and we are looking forward to hanging out with everyone in a big group again! Raleigh and I have always been the type of people that have multiple groups of friends. This group is our crazy group. The very first time I hung out with them in college was at their studio party that was 80's prom theme. Everyone was dressed up in neon colors and we were totally throwing a dance party with moves that would make Kevin Bacon proud.

Anyways, on to today's topic. Tonight, I got to meet the girls in the youth small group that I am leading with two of my other friends. They are eighth grade girls and I can't wait to truly get to know them. I got a little taste of their personalities tonight and I think this is going to be a great year. It is so neat to hear them speak so openly about different things going on in their lives. I already know one topic that I can't wait to discuss with them is building up their character. More on that topic but here is my question for you:

Tell me about your eighth grade experience. What do you remember from it? Feel free to share any funny memories or something that you learned when you were 13. I will go ahead and go first so please take some time to comment on this post!

One thing that I remember about the eighth grade is making the Carver Middle School cheerleading squad. Boy, were we somethin' else! My jersey was so big on me I think I can still fit into it today! I can still vividly remember the dance routines to "Space Jam" and "Boom I got your Boyfriend." When I was thirteen, I was still very shy around boys. I had a date to our Christmas Dance and I believe I only danced one slow song with him. Being around boys just scared me.

So, what about you? What do you remember about the 8th grade? Please share, I think this will be really fun!

Till' next time, let your light shine!

blessings, christen