Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Lu Lu and I just got back from a walk to burn off some of that turkey we ate yesterday :) This afternoon is the Auburn/Alabama game and we are going over to my parents house to watch it. My dad is a HUGE Alabama fan so I'm sure it is going to get a little rowdy around the house! I was raised as an Alabama supporter but when I started to look for which college I was going to attend it was hands-down Auburn. Now my heart bleeds orange and blue! War Eagle, Hey!

Here are some pictures from yesterday. This first one was taken at Raleigh's parents house. It was a little too bright but I still like the picture.

Here's a family shot that was taken after we ate lunch

I love this next picture. The two boys on the ends are Raleigh's cousins. They are in the 9th grade and are both great guys. Gavin is the tall one next to me. He makes me look like a midget! :)

After lunch, we headed out to the Prices' land to do the pumpkin shoot. We had such a good time. Below is a picture of Raleigh before he got ready to shoot his pumpkins.

Gunter teaching KB how to shoot

Here's one of me shooting. I didn't have very good aim!

Lu Lu and Obi had never heard a gun shot so they both got really scared. Bless their hearts they both hid under the toolbox and in the woods!!!!!

This was taken when we weren't shooting. Obi looks a little happier!

Me and Raleigh

All in all, it was a pretty good Thanksgiving day. How was your Thanksgiving? I would love to hear any fun stories!

Have a great day!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen