We all need it, we all want it...but are we willing to allow it to transform our lives?

Do you believe in the power of prayer? Do you truly believe that if you have faith as small as a mustard seed that you can move mountains?

I will admit, over time I have had my doubts about the power of prayer. I have had conversations with friends about my troubles and they always say, "I'll keep you in my prayers." Yet, sometimes I wonder if they really do keep me in their prayers. Honestly, if I don't take time to pray for someone at the very second that they ask, my day will pass by so quickly that I won't remember to do it later. Isn't that horrible and so selfish? It is definitely something that I am constantly working on to improve.

On average, I believe that most of us pray at least once a day. Whether it is at dinnertime or bedtime, we have those "canned" prayers that we say every day. Growing up, my brother and I split the dinnertime prayer because we use to argue over who would say it. So, he says the first part and I say the last. To this day, we still do it that way. Those prayers count, but how many times a day do we go head to the floor in prayer? I mean, really prostrate ourselves in front of our mighty Savior? Sadly, I believe that most of us do this in dire or death times....serious circumstance times.

I am awe-struck by those that take time out of their day to meditate in prayer. Many other religions in this world take serious time out of their day to pray to their gods. Why do we Christians have such a hard time doing this? There are many answers, but the first one that comes to my mind is an answer that relates to the region of the world that we live in. In America, where Christianity is still the largest practiced religion, we are going 90 miles an hour and we just don't feel like we have enough time in the day to meditate. I can say that many of us would feel like others would think we were wasting time if we took 30 minutes out of our day to meditate.

It makes me sad to think that sometimes I value my schedule over my time with God. Friends, we have got to do something about this. We have got to start making time for our Creator. His line is always open. There is no busy signal, no slow connection, and no traffic when it comes to having some quiet time with Jesus.

I do believe that prayer can move mountains. I have witnessed first-hand that God does answer prayers. I can't carry the weight of my world on my shoulders. I'm just too weak. But, my strong Savior can handle everything that I give him plus the rest of the world's troubles. True prayer isn't necessarily about us, it is about trusting our lives with God. It is believing that no matter what the outcome...good or bad...He is in control and the end result is going to make us so much stronger if we truly believe that all He has is goodness for our lives.

Friends, I want to make an effort to be your prayer companion. Please don't hesitate to ask me to pray with can send a request anonymously if you wish....but know that I would like to pray for you.

I would like to ask for you all to pray for my bible study mentor, Beth Moore. I read her recent post and she had to have surgery (they did not state what for) and she is slowly recovering. She has touched many of us through her wise words and this is how we can help her.

Thank you dear friends.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen