Boy, I thought I would never get on here tonight! My laptop is a grandma compared to all these new cool computers and it literally took me 20 minutes to start old Ellie and log on to blogger.

How is everybody doing? Today was a pretty good day for me. These past couple of months have been a little rough for me since I have been pregnant. I won't go into the gross details but let's just say that morning sickness should be called continual 24 hour sickness. And, there should also be a huge warning label for husbands that they are going to have to be their wives' Superman during those months.

I tell you what, Raleigh has been a great husband to me. He has always been wonderful but it has been so cool to see certain characteristics that he has really take center stage. One of those is obedience. He has always been a very obedient person and that has been a trait of his that I have always admired. Since I have been feeling so sick for so long he has really had to take on my share of the household duties. He has been cooking dinner, washing clothes, cleaning the house, and doing so many other random tasks that I just have not had the energy to do. He has gone above and beyond and has not complained once...I appreciate it more than he will ever know.

Since I have been pregnant, a lot of change has occurred in my normal every day routine. For instance, I used to always get up in the morning and read my devotional, Bible, or something along those lines while eating breakfast. That was my quiet time and helped me get my day started. Well, thanks to morning sickness I get nauseated even looking at a book much less reading it and I have been eating dry cereal and Gatorade in the bed for the past month. Also, I have been working out on occasion but it has not been a rigorous routine. My body is just so tired! I am surprised I am even still up right now. The days that have been the worst so far are the ones where I don't leave my bedroom or change out of my pajamas. During Christmas, I could tell you all of the commercials that were on T.V. because all I could do was lie down and listen to what was on during the day.

That sounds so pitiful, doesn't it? I'm not trying to be a complainer I am just giving you some background that relates to the reason why I am writing tonight. All in all, I wouldn't trade being sick for anything because this really is such an amazing experience. Raleigh and I could not be more thrilled that God has blessed us with not only one but two little babies. Every day I think about them and pray that they are growing into healthy little ones. They say getting sick means that they are healthy so to me it has been worth it one hundred fold.

What I have found interesting though is how the devil works the hardest during our most special moments. When God gives us such blessings as being pregnant or getting married or fulfilling our life calling; Satan is busily trying to mess all of this up for us. For me, the little devil has taken away my will to have alone time with God. I have always cherished our mornings together and rely on that time to give me strength through my day. The minute he saw I wasn't feeling well he stepped in to make sure that I would start neglecting my prayer and devotional time. It's funny...I have felt the worst on Sundays so far. I don't think that is a coincidence...I believe that Satan is using this to get me to not spend time with God on his chosen day of rest and worship. He knows that if I start to lose my personal relationship with Jesus Christ that he has planted a stronghold in my mind and I won't be as willing to rely on Christ when things really get tough during this pregnancy.

Well, no more. I'm tired of letting him win this fight. I want my time with God and by golly I am going to find it some way and some how. It might not be in the mornings because I just can't control Mother Nature's timing but it is going to come sometime during the day. I miss spending time in the Word. I miss hearing the band play on Sunday mornings. Most of all, I miss feeling so close to Jesus. He is right there for me but I haven't met him half-way lately.

Friends, have you ever found yourself in these types of situations? I'm sure you have at some point. Next time you have a God given blessing, don't let the enemy sneak in the back door.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen