Happy Friday!

Yay for the weekend.  I am PUMPED!  I remember in high school how much I used to look forward to the weekend.  Remember making plans with all your friends at school?  I always had a late birthday so I had to make sure someone would pick me up so I could go to whatever dinner, movie, event, etc. that was going on. 

Well, I'm pumped about this weekend.  In about an hour, I am going to be heading to Lake Martin with a new group that I joined at church called Esther's Women.  It's a group of about 12 women that have made a commitment to study different books for one year and it is a training ground for us to become leaders in our homes, church, and community.  I'll do a separate post on the first book and this weekend but I am really excited to meet some new people and spend some time in worship this weekend.  I bet we will have some really yummy food too....

Anyways, without further adue, we have some exciting news!  Thanks to everyone that voted on our poll but I have to say that the winners were the ones who voted for.....


We are going to have identical twin girls!!!!!  There is a chance that they are fraternal (we won't know for sure until we meet them face to face) but it looks like they are still identical.  On Monday, Raleigh and I got to find out if we were having boys or girls!  My parents and Raleigh's mom got to come up and they had the best time seeing the little munchkins moving around on the ultrasound machine.  My pants are busting at the seams and my friend saved me with loaning me her Bella Band for the next couple of months.  It is neat to see my belly grow each week...it makes it all seem more real to know that there are two babies inside of me!  Wow, it still blows my mind! 

Below are the most recent pictures.  It was cool comparing our 12 week pictures with these at 18 weeks.  We think they have Raleigh's long legs right now :)  Both babies are growing at the same rate and they are about 6 inches and weigh 1/2 pound each. 

Friends, thank you for being so supportive of us during this time of our lives.  I promise I have tons more to share with all of you besides babies, but this is such a life-changing experience.  I love y'all and hope you all have a great weekend.
Till next time, let your light shine!
Blessings, christen