Some days turn out to be less than ordinary. Friday was one of those days here in the south. Last Friday, our typically warm state got a visit from Jack Frost and we were covered in a soft, white blanket of snow. Having a snow day meant most businesses and schools shut down so we all got a free day to enjoy this treat.

While we watched the snow fall to the ground Friday morning, Raleigh and I got ready to go to our doctor's appointment for the twins. We were both looking forward to going and as we drove down the interstate we enjoyed watching the snow fall to the ground. As we pulled up to the doctor's office, we both noticed that there were hardly any cars in the parking lot. We went inside anyways, brushed the snow off our coats and started to check-in. Well, as you can figure out, our doctor had cancelled his appointments for the day and was just working over at the hospital. The receptionist told us that she had called both of the contact numbers I had listed the day before to let us know it was cancelled. All of a sudden, I remembered that I had accidentally left my cell phone at work the day before. My cheeks started to turn red and we quickly asked to reschedule our appointment for another day. As we were waiting upstairs at appointments, Raleigh and I just sat in silence. Lately, the smallest things can make me cry and I was nearly in tears because I was so embarrassed! I felt bad because Raleigh had taken off work and I just felt irresponsible for leaving my phone at work. Disappointment also washed over me because I was really hoping to hear their heartbeats and make sure they were doing okay.

After we rescheduled, we headed to the car and decided to go to the hospital to visit our friend who is there on bed rest for her baby right now. To be honest, I wasn't in the mood to put on a happy face but I knew that was me being selfish so I sucked up my feelings as we headed into the labor & delivery wing. As we walked into our sweet friend's room, I quickly forgot about me. The mommy-to-be was in such great spirits and it was so refreshing to talk to her and hear how she was doing after everything that had happened. As we sat there chatting, she mentioned that she would have never left her classroom and house the way she did but she just couldn't worry about that now. All in all, she was in great spirits and was making the most out of the situation she now found herself in.

Listening to her talk made me realize how some things are just out of our control. We try so hard to make plans but sometimes life changes our plans. Change isn't something that is easy to grasp, but we have to learn how to adapt to it because it is going to happen whether we are ready or not. I couldn't control my appointment being cancelled any more than I can control snow falling in Alabama. Everything is in God's hands and I have to just remind myself to let him drive the steering wheel.

Below are some pictures from our snow day. Even though the day started out dreary, we ended up having lots of fun.

Our house covered in snow

Raleigh and Obi

Me & the twins

Miss Lu Lu (she didn't last long...ha!)

Our family enjoying the snow at the park

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen