"A good name is better than fine perfume" - Ecclesiastes 7:1

I can't hold my tongue any longer....we have officially decided on the names of our two little girls!  Raleigh and I went round and round trying to figure out their names.  Funny how things work...we have always had two boy names picked out that we like but never have agreed on girl names.  Girl names are just harder to choose in my opinion.  Typically, all the names that I have thought of over the years have been names that I have liked, but have not really had any meaning to me.  And then there were the names that I loved but my teacher friends told me that they would be one of five girls in their class with that same name.  So, Raleigh and I decided to go old school.  We pulled out the family books and started to look for names that had a meaning to us.

The first weekend of March we went to the beach for a wedding. Raleigh's granddad has this great place that he built years ago right on the beach.  It looks like a big loft and has a back deck that walks right down to the surf and sand.  We love that place and the trip was perfect timing because Raleigh and I seem to make every big decision at the beach.  We have decided to stay together, get engaged, celebrate anniversaries, and pick out baby names at the beach.  It is our tiny slice of heaven and we always feel so much better about our decisions after spending time at that place.  Drum roll please......below is a picture of the names we have chosen:

Adeline and Maralee Price
When our little girls make their debut, Baby A will be called by the name of Adeline Summers Price and Baby B will have the name Maralee Simms Price.  I thought it would be fun to share where the names originated from, so here goes:
We took one name from our four sets of grandparents.  From my side, we have the Ridley's and the Creel's.  Raleigh's family names are the Price's and the Gunter's.  Adeline is from the Price side of the house.  His grandmother, Kennette Dowling Price had an ancestor by the name of Adeline.  From what we can tell, Adeline was a pretty solid gal and didn't get into much trouble.  Adeline is pronounced like "Caroline."  We just loved how it rolled off the tongue.  So southern, don't you think?  Summers comes from the Ridley's and was my grandmother's maiden name.  We really liked the spelling of Summers and it paired really well with Simms as middle names.  It gives the twins that "sameness" but their first names give them their "uniqueness."
Now, Maralee is a combo name.  As my mom asked, "Is this name real?"  Well, it is now!  My Paw Paw's name is Jackson Marion Creel and Raleigh's grandmother is Okalee Gunter.  So, one night we were playing with combining different names and came up with Maralee.   It is one name and is pronounced like, "Merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream."  We thought it was pretty cute and clever so it stuck!  Simms is also a family name from the Gunters and we loved how both Simms and Summers had the double "m" in the middle of their names.

These names aren't something you hear every day but that is what we like about them so much.  They are different and unique names and we can't imagine calling them anything else.  I am going to go ahead and warn you.....if you don't have anything nice to say about these names, please don't say anything at all!  Pregnant girls cry easily and I really don't feel like crying over what someone else thinks today :)

Below are some pictures of our family tree.  Soon we will get to add the sweet picture of our two little girls!  Through this pregnancy, we have both agreed that even though our twins will be identical in their looks, they should each be unique in their personalities.  Of course, they will show us their personalities but we just want to focus on each of them as individuals, not the same person.  We pray that our girls will grow up to have hearts that love the Lord and love others.  I can't wait to meet them!

Jack and Patsy Creel

Bob and Penny Ridley
                                                              James and Okalee Gunter                                                                                                                                                                        
                                                               Martin and Kennette Price
Jim and Connie Ridley


John and Sondra Price 

 Me and Raleigh
Till next time, let your light shine!
Blessings, christen