As mentioned in the previous post, this past weekend Raleigh and I headed up to Birmingham for a wedding.  While we were all in town, our sweet friends decided to give us a baby shower too!  It truly was a shower...complete with rain, thunderstorms, and gusty winds!  Even though the weather was blue, we were showered with pink!!!!!

The Bartlett's, McAllister's, Price's, and Gray's
Thank you SO MUCH sweet friends for hosting this shower for us!!!!
We got some really great gifts at this shower.  Mackenzie hand-made the girls these bibs!  Our other friend Corinne, also stitched the girls two beautiful blankets.  I just love crafty people and can't wait to use these gifts!  Maybe I can be as crafty as these ladies one day :)
We got a package from Santa....I mean Sarah :)
Sarah gave the girls the rain forest bathtub.  Raleigh is really looking forward to bath time with the girls...I can't wait to put them in the soft bath robes afterward...they are just too darn cute! 
Our friend Lu gave us a first aid kit for the girls and one for Raleigh! Inside of Raleigh's kit were gloves for dirty diapers, earplugs, and some other handy items.  It was really cute and funny :) 
Patrick and Keely gave us a diaper genie 2 and accessories.  We have been told that twins go through at least 150 diapers a WEEK!!!!!  That genie better work! :)  
Two of my college roomies, Laura and Mary Shaffer
One thing I love about parties is the chance to see old was so great to catch up with these two ladies!!!!
Some of Raleigh's studio friends....he spent many days and nights with this group in good ole Dudley Hall!  It really was so much fun for us to catch up with old friends.  
"  How I thank God for you"
- II Timothy 1:3
Till next time, let your light shine!
Blessings, christen