I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know how grateful and blessed christen and I truly are to be surrounded by such amazing people. I know most 'older generations' don't understand what is so amazing about tweeting and posting on other peoples walls - I confess I often wonder these things too. But in this particular moment of my life I have seen how the Lord will stop at no means to reach out to his children and that includes the Internet. As I sat in the hospital those first two nights finding it ridiculously hard to sleep, it wasn't because of the awful cot - let's just say my mind was a little active. I decided to check Facebook and see if word had gotten out yet. To say that it had, would be a bit of an understatement.

Friends, I tell you, at 2 am in a hospital there could not have been anything more comforting than the words I read. Literally hundreds of people had reached out to us through every technological means possible. I read the unending list of prayers and words of encouragement through tweets, post, texts and emails until I fell asleep to your very words. Prayers are exactly what we need and you all continue to provide them. I pray that in someway, through our journey, you may be drawn closer to God as well. Never let anyone tell you God is outdated or that he is not present anymore, because I can assure you that he was on my iPhone that Friday night!

- Raleigh