Hey everyone,

This post is going to be a quick one today but I promise that next time I post on the girls there will be lots of fun pictures!!!!  I've got a praise report....the girls gained weight last week!!!!!  We took them to get weighed last Thursday and they were both six pounds, one ounce!!!!  Woo-Hoo!!!!!!  Seeing that weight made me feel so much better about starting them on formula with the breast milk.  Guess it just proves that they needed more milk in their tummy :) 

Another praise is that their eyes are still on track.  We will have to continue to have check-ups over the next month or two but our doctor said that we are in the safe zone for not having to have laser surgery.  That is a huge relief.  Next week we will go see the pediatric optometrist to make sure that they don't become near-sighted and need glasses. 

Today, we are taking Adeline to have her heart looked at by the pediatric cardiologist.  This is just a follow-up to the time that she got fluid around her heart in the NICU.  That was such a scary day but the problem seemed to have resolved itself while she was still in the hospital so I am hoping that we will get a good report when we go this afternoon.

On a total side note, I have to say how much I love our Montgomery friends.  Last week, two of our best couple friends came over and brought dinner for all of us to eat.  They thought of everything from flowers to coordinating paper plates.  The food was delicious but the quality time with friends was the best part of the evening.  Since we have been in isolation for the past five weeks, I didn't recognize how lonely I had been until our friends came over.  We haven't been going places and I realized that the world doesn't stop just because I'm not taking part in activities outside of the home right now.  It was a much needed dose of friend time for us.

Also, on Sunday the twins decided to wish my mom happy birthday!!!!!  They will be seeing their Ganny soon and I know mom is so excited to get some loving from the girls :)

Alright, that is about all I have time for today.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and getting ready for some college football this weekend.  War Eagle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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