Happy Friday!

Boy, has this week flown by.  Right now, I have two little girls sleeping so I thought I would quickly post some very belated pictures of their nursery.  I absolutely love this room; it makes me smile every time I am in it.  We really wanted a tranquil, peaceful nursery so it is very soft and simple.  The room has great natural light and I really enjoyed decorating it.  I hope everyone is having a marvelous day.  Enjoy!

Daddy and Maralee

This room was originally an office/craft room for us but when we found out we were having twins,
it was the best room for two cribs!  This view is from the doorway and is the left side of the room.
The crib shown above is Maralee's crib. Our cribs are made by Million Dollar Baby and is called the Annabelle 4-in-1 crib.  We also bought the matching dresser piece of the collection.
Raleigh and his dad applied the beaded board on the slanted wall to give the room
another architectural element.

We hung these framed scripture verses on the wall next to each girls' letter and cross.  Raleigh's sweet cousin reads our blog and she used verses that I had quoted about the girls while I was pregnant.  Such a caring and thoughtful gift that I will treasure forever!
The scripture over Adeline's bed.
Door knobs: Pottery Barn Kids
We decided to keep the existing carpet in the room, but I thought we needed a rug to break up the beige!  I found this at a local children's store and it was very reasonably priced.  It is from The Rug Market and is called 4 polka dots pink.  Originally, this room had an ugly ceiling fan in it and I registered for this Payton chandelier from Pottery Barn Kids without Raleigh knowing!  Our ceilings are standard height and he said that a chandelier would hang too low but I really wanted one so I registered for it anyways :) We ended up getting it as a baby shower gift so I urged him to try and hang it and it looks great!  Perfect finish to a girly room!
Christen, Adeline, Raleigh, & Maralee.  The 9 cube cubby behind us is from Home Depot and is a part of the Martha Stewart Collection.  Inside the cubby shelves, I found these cute pop-up totes from Pottery Barn Kids.  I painted the M picture behind us and found the gingham matte at Jo Ann's Fabrics.
This is the view from the closet.  With Raleigh being an architect, he HAD to do a floor plan of the room.  He had all of these different options for furniture placement, but we ultimately decided to do this layout.  I really like having the rocking chair in the middle of the two cribs.  It also is set up across from the door so I can see what is going on in the hallway.  Our chair is from Storytime Series and is called the Nava.

Adeline's crib. The side table came with our crib and dresser set and is the perfect size for our room.  Since we live in an older home, our windows are not standard sizes.  My sister-in-laws mom is a great sewer and she made the curtains for this room.  The curtains match the bed skirt and I can lower them to make the room darker.
Mommy and Adeline
I had the hardest time picking out bedding.  Originally, I just wanted to do the bedding all in white but I just couldn't settle on a fabric.  I knew I didn't want a themed room and all the bedding that I liked was way too expensive (remember, I buy for two!).  So, I found some fabric that I liked and a family friend made the bumper pads and bed skirt for me!  I think it turned out great!  This is a picture of Maralee's bumper pad.

Here is a picture of Adeline's bedding.  As you can see, I alternated the ties with the bumper pad fabric.  When she made the set, she used the same fabric for the bumper pads as the lining of the skirt.  I really think doing this tied each bed together and what I love about these fabrics is the fact that I could use them interchangeably.  The fitted sheet is from Pottery Barn Kids (it might be discontinued because I could no longer find the link).
This lamp was one of my projects for their room.  My friend found this lamp stand and gave it to me for the girls' room.  I had bought this bunny fabric with the bedding fabric and decided to use it for the lamp shade.  I just bought a plain shade at Home Depot for $12 and used Tacky Glue to adhere the fabric to the shade.  To finish the look, I used my hot glue gun to apply the pink edges and the ribbon going down the shade.  Lamps like this in children stores are easily $50 so I saved about $35 doing it myself!
I also made these picture boards to hang snapshots of the girls.
One day the girls will actually enjoy this room but for now it makes me smile :)

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen