Marching Band Music
Our neighborhood has two small colleges that surround it and I love hearing the marching bands practice as we go on our afternoon strolls.  Something about hearing the beat of the drum and the blast of the trumpet just puts some pep in my step!  When we were at Auburn, I loved hearing the band play because they made the football games so much fun!  Marching Band Music = Fun Fall Football Games!

Dooney & Burke Purse
My mom found this purse on sale for my birthday and I absolutely love it!  The color is a perfect transition from summer to fall and I love that it is roomy but not too big.  The purse is called the Dillen Juliette Hobo and can be purchased online at  I think the reason I love these purses so much is because I remember when I was little my mom would carry the old school black and tan bag with the duck logo on it.  Dooney purses are very well made and last forever so they are definitely worth the splurge.

J Crew Toothpick Cord
The perfect fall pant to go with the purse!  I have not purchased these pants but I really like the look of them.  I'm not sure if they will fit me right because my body-type is not toothpick, but I still adore the way they look in this picture.  If you can sport the skinny, these would look really cute for fall!

One of the ways I try to save money is by clipping coupons.  I attended a Southern Savers Coupon Class and it was really helpful for me to get started.  I usually shop at Publix and I love their BOGO deals.  Recently, I have started the CVS Extra Care program and I think it is a pretty good deal.  One tip that I learned at my workshop was to create a separate e-mail account just for coupons.  After I set up that account, I started to subscribe to all my favorite products online newsletters to receive their promotions and coupons.  This has helped me to get more coupons on one product so I can save more money!  I am still learning the best ways to save, but this has been a helpful way for me to break into the world of couponing!
The Beach
Okay, I know this one might seem a little strange for September, but I really needed to go to the beach for Labor Day!  This really is a great time to go because it is the last hoo-ra before feeling like you should put the swimsuit away.  The weather is usually not too hot in September and the water is very refreshing instead of feeling like bath water in the middle of the summer. 

Emily Giffin Novels
When we were at the beach, my sister-in-law let me borrow Emily's book called Love the One Your With.  It was so good!  This is the same author as Something Borrowed, which I have not read yet.  I will admit that it is totally, 100% a book for girls to read on the beach but that made it a perfect fit for me on vacation.  It was an escape, not something that really made me think deep about a particular subject.  It does have some loose profanity in it, but it is not a vulgar book by any means.  Emily's writing style is very relative and I felt like I knew her characters.  Isn't the cover cute as well?  Enjoy!
One of my friends recommended that I join this website to receive weekly updates about our babies.  I have really enjoyed receiving these updates and it has given me lots of helpful tips on ways to engage with the girls.  Also, whenever I have a concern about them crying or feeding, this website has given me helpful advice and I have learned that they are just being babies! 

 Toomer's Corner Lemonade
Known as the best lemonade in the country, Toomer's Corner Lemonade is the perfect blend of tart and sweet.  This drink is a must-have for anyone visiting the loveliest village on the plains. Toomer's Corner gets its name from the drug store where this lemonade is sold.    One of the most popular Auburn traditions is for students to roll Toomer's Corner with toilet paper after a winning game.   This lemonade and the history of the drug store symbolizes what is means to be an Auburn Tiger.  War Eagle!
Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids
How stinkin' stylish are these band-aids?  Who knew you could look so cute sporting a cut?  Cynthia Rowley has come up with a new line of designer-looking sticky sanitizers and I can't help but want them.  They sure do beat the plain Jane beige cut-covers.  Look for these next time you are at your local drug store!

Thomas Donuts
These donuts are the most delicious donuts I have ever tasted!  They are big, fluffy, and the chocolate icing is superb.  Thomas Donuts has a locally owned donut shop at Panama City Beach, Florida. Early bird locals line up and wait each morning to get a dozen of these yummy donuts for their breakfast.  If you are ever in the area, it is on Front Beach Road in Santa Monica Beach. 

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen