Burp cloths are a great gift to make for a baby shower.  Moms always need plenty of burp cloths and you can design one for any occasion.  Recently, we threw a baby shower for a dear friend of mine that is having a baby girl but is not sharing her name until she is born.  So, I decided to do a lamb themed burp cloth that would be great for church.

To get started, you will need:

  • Sewing Machine (preferably one that has embroidery capabilities for the lamb)
  • One 18 inch piece of fabric for the front
    • I suggest a fabric that can absorb liquid easily. For this burp cloth, I found a very soft white felt
  • One 18 inch piece of fabric for the back
    • I used Minky Dot but you can choose whatever...have fun with this selection!
  • 12 inches of wide ribbon
  • 12 inches of coordinating pom pom ribbon
  • Matching Polyester thread
  • Sticky Paper (tear away) Stabilizer
  • Puffy Foam or clear water soluble Topper
    • Always match puffy foam to thread color for your embroidery
  • Scissors, pins
To begin, cut out both pieces of your burp cloth fabric.  My fabric is 18 inches long and 11 inches wide.  It is important that both sides of your fabrics line up with one another.  If your fabric needs to be ironed, go ahead and press it before you begin sewing.

Once the fabric has been cut out, it is time to put the ribbon in place. The bottom of the ribbon should be two inches above the bottom of the burp cloth. Pin your ribbon in place and cut the ends so they are aligned with the sides of your burp cloth. Next, it is time to place the center of your embroidery.  I chose for my lamb to be below the center of the cloth so it can be seen while the cloth is on Mom's shoulder.  The lamb is placed two inches up from the top of the ribbon. To find the center of the lamb, I measured the height of the lamb and divided it in half.  Once the center is found, place a sticky dot or a put a dot with a pen in place.

After the center of your design has been found, line it up in the center of your hoop.  The sticky paper works great because you can hoop it and then just stick your fabric on top of it without hooping the fabric.  Once this is in place, it is time to sew your embroidery.  Before pressing start, make sure your needle is in proper place and your puffy foam is on top of your fabric.  The puffy foam needs to match the color of your thread because once your machine starts to stitch, it will cover up your puffy foam.  Once the design is complete, it will have a three dimensional look.  I really like the way the puffy foam adds an additional element that makes the project look very professional.
Once you have completed your embroidery, it is time to switch to your sewing foot on your machine.  Sew a straight line border all around your ribbon to secure it in place.  Once your ribbon is secured, pin your pom pom ribbon in the center of your thick ribbon.  Then, sew a straight stitch through the center of your pom pom ribbon to secure it to the thick ribbon.
Posted by Picasa To finish the project, it is time to attach the back side of the burp cloth to the front. The pretty side of both fabrics should be facing out when you pin them together.  After putting your pins in place, trim off any edges that are not lined up properly.  It is very important to have a clean, straight edge before sewing the pieces together.   I chose a zig-zag line that secured my edges but it left them looking slightly frayed.  This edge will stay in place when washed and I really like the finished look of the edges.

This project  is very simple and lots of fun.  Be creative and choose a design that fits the personality of the new parents.  Giving a home-made gift is a great way to show how excited you are about your friends' new addition!

If you have any questions or photos from burp cloths that you make, please send them to christen@theuncontainabletruth.com
Till next time, let your light shine!
Blessings, christen