Gymboree Play & Learn Book

I had received this book as a shower gift but have just recently started to use it.  It is categorized by their age and I love the ideas that it gives me to play with the girls.  Some suggestions are fun things to do, and others are great developmental exercises.  For instance, one idea that was so simple but something I had not been doing was changing the pitch of my voice as I pulled the girls up and down for their neck strengthening exercise.  Speaking in a high voice as they go "up" helps them to associate with "up" being "high" (and vice versa for down being lower pitch).  This book is a great tool for parents to use on a daily basis!

White Pumpkins

Okay, white pumpkins are so classic looking to me.  They can be used outside on the front porch or inside your home.  Some decorating ideas are to line up small-medium size white pumpkins as your centerpiece on a white linen tablecloth.  Or, you can use them on your fireplace mantle.  Such a fun way to keep your home seasonal yet classic!

Sweet Potato Casserole

OMGoodness, this is my all-time favorite holiday casserole.  As my Paw Paw says, "it tastes like candy!"  I prefer the marshmallow version of spc  but will gladly accept one served with pecans!  I look forward to enjoying this treat during my Thanksgiving meal!


Okay, why didn't anybody think of this earlier?  I just can't pull off the super skinny jeans so last year I was having to cram the bottom of my jeans into a huge pair of socks in order for them to be stuffed in my boots.  Then, the part of my jean below the knee was still crinkly.  The jegging is such a brilliant idea!  I purchased a pair that still has a zipper and button in the front and also has pockets in the back to keep the "jean" look but they are super stretchy, like leggings.  My boots look a million times better with my jeggings this year!

Jimbo's Chili

I am not lying when I say this but my dad makes the best chili in the whole wide world.  (He also makes the best filet mignon and ribs, but that is another story.)  I love coming home this time of the year to my parents house.  The minute the door opens, flavors of spice and tomatoes fills the air.  My parents always cook a big pot of chili to watch the football games and I just think it is one of the best family traditions.  My dad has given me his recipe, but mine still doesn't taste as good as his.  He says the key is to cook it low and slow in a pressure cooker.

Here is his recipe:

Lean Hamburger Meat (one regular size package)

1 Jar of Tabasco Chili Sauce

1 Package of Chili Seasoning

1 Can of Mexican Chili Beans

Garlic Pepper, Worcestershire Sauce, Salt & Pepper

Directions: Ground hamburger meat & cook until done.  Add all other ingredients and cook for 1-2 hours on low.

Rotating Iron

I do not own this product, but I think it is really neat.  It is a curling iron and flat iron combined. With my hair being naturally wavy, it looks too straight when I blow-dry it out.  I want to try it on my hair to get that wavy, polished look.

Sew What Pro

A friend of mine told me about this sewing program and I tried it out for free and really liked it.  If you have embroidery capabilities on your sewing machine, this program allows you to resize objects and merge an applique and font into one document.  This way, when you get ready to embroider, your machine is able to do your whole project at once instead of you selecting each letter or image.  This program makes embroidery easier and faster!

Avent Pacifier

I recently purchased the 3-month pacifier made by Avent and the girls have enjoyed using them.  Maralee has especially taken to this pacifier well and it stays in her mouth better than some others we have tried.  She can also hold it so that makes it easier to use as well.  If you are looking for a transitional pacifier from your newborn paci, this is a must try!

Bare Minerals Makeup

In the fall & winter, I  typically switch to using Bare Minerals make-up.  I purchase the starter kit and it comes with powders to use for foundation, blush/bronzer, translucent powder, and three make-up brushes that are really good quality.  I really can see a difference using this and it stays on for a long time.

Ann Taylor Loft Cords

My mom bought these corduroys for me this year, and I have loved them!  The color isn't too bold so it can still be a neutral pant but with a twist.  Ann Taylor Loft has improved the comfort level of their cords from years past so it makes wearing them super enjoyable.  I like the fit and have already worn them with several different outfits this season.  They are a reasonable price so pick up a pair today!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen