As 2010 rolls to a close, I thank God for the year that we have had.  Since January 1st of this year, I knew that this was the year for change.  I felt God's calling for me to write and to stay at home with our girls.  When the twins were born at 27 weeks, I had to drop everything and give Him utmost control of my fears and their scary situation.  Today, as the year closes, God has not only given us two beautiful, healthy living girls, but He has also taught me all about submitting my heart to do His will in my life.

Adeline, 8 months old

Maralee, 8 months old

Learning this important lesson was not easy.  So often this year I have felt weak and confused.  But, at other times, I feel nothing but peace and fulfillment.  Walking hand in hand with the One who loves me most this year has taught me patience...patience for not knowing what the future holds yet knowing it is far better than what I could imagine.  As God tenderly entwined His fingers with mine, I felt secure in the darkness; like I knew He would get us through matter what the outcome.  This year, as I feared death for my babies, I shouted out to the Lord to save them and give them life.  Satan heard my cries and tried everything in his power to win, but my God could not be defeated.  Watching Him perform one miracle after the next, I would sit in awe at His majesty.  What grace He has given my family!  I am helpless without my Savior and now, eight months later, after witnessing such a victory; I am compelled to do more for His kingdom.  These girls are a precious gift that our family has been given and watching them grow downright amazes me.

Our baby girl, Maralee

Currently, Adeline weighs 12.9 pounds and Maralee weighs 12.2 pounds.  Both girls came into this world weighing a mere two pounds so when I stop and think that they have gained ten pounds I find this to be a remarkable accomplishment.  Both girls are eating baby food - so far we have tried sweet potatoes, butternut squash, green beans, and avocado - and they seem to like it.  Not only are they eating well, but they are both still sleeping through the night.  During the day, they want to be held and loved; they are tired of just sitting still!  Playing with the girls gives me such a joy.  When I see their eyes light up as I come into view, my heart melts.  They smile the most beautiful toothless grin possible. Each day they begin to resemble little girls as tiny blond hairs begin to sprout from their head.  It is so amusing to see them wake up with bed head! Developmentally, they have gained more control of their neck and we are hoping they will start to sit upright on their own soon.  Also, Maralee loves to play with her feet; she finds them remarkable.

Maralee rolling & Adeline on her belly

And, both girls have finally started to enjoy bath time; which makes it sooo much more fun for Raleigh and I!

Rub a dub, we love playing with Adeline in the tub!

Who knew bath time could be so much fun?!

These are memories that I will cherish forever.  Packing up their newborn clothes makes me realize how much the girls are truly growing.  I still struggle with comparing them to other babies their own age; but I have gotten a whole lot better than when I started.  God has taught me that no two children are alike and I should be thankful for what I do have.  Jesus is teaching my heart to be still as a young mother and in these quiet moments I find refuge for my worries.  He is working on my heart and my soul, and I just yearn for my walk to go deeper still with Him.  This year has taught me so much; but I still have much to learn about my purpose in this life.  I thank Him so much for allowing me to be a mother; it is truly one of my greatest joys.

Thank you God for such a year as this; I pray that I will always carry what I have learned with me for future years to come.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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