Well, we are back in Montgomery after a whirl-wind weekend of spending Christmas with the fam.  I have gotten the presents unpacked and the clothes in the wash, but I still can't believe that we have just celebrated our first Christmas with the girls.  My, how time flies!

Raleigh, Maralee, Adeline, & Christen

Twins' First Christmas

The girls (and us) had a wonderful first Christmas.  This year, Raleigh and I opted to not go the present route for each other (except for a $10 gag gift) and I must say that this year was much more about who we spent Christmas with instead of what we got.  It was rather nice.  Each year, we rotate staying with my parents and the Prices for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This year was the Prices turn to take us in for the holidays and they made Christmas morning very special.

The Price Family, Christmas 2010

Gunter and Kari Beth are expecting a little boy in April!!!!!

We had a nice morning opening up the girls presents before the rest of the family arrived.  Here are some of the memories we shared:

Maralee and Adeline are ready to sip some tea in their new tea set!!!

Raleigh and I assisting the girls while they open their presents

Personalized keepsake boxes!!!

We weren't really expecting the girls to know what was going on, but they had so much fun ripping the tissue out of their presents!!!!

Tearing into another gift....!!!!

Grandpa John had to get us an Auburn football for Christmas!

Me & Adeline

After opening presents, Granddad, Gunter, and Kari Beth came over for breakfast and to open the adult gifts.  As always, we had a nice time cracking up over the silly gifts and saying thank you for the nice ones.

Mr. Price, Adeline, Granddad, Maralee, & Raleigh

Adeline & Maralee posing for a picture in front of their daddy's childhood ornament :)

Aunt KB and Uncle Gunter playing with the girls Christmas morning

Soon, we headed off to Nan Nan's for Christmas lunch.  It was delicious.  She makes the BEST fried okra...the key is more breading than okra.  All of Mrs. Prices' family comes to lunch so there are like 40 people at the house.  It is fun.  Here are some of Raleigh's cousins holding the girls:

Raleigh's cousins couldn't get enough of the girls!!!

Grady is the baby in the middle and he is just a couple of weeks younger than the girls

Finally, we headed down the road to my parents house.  We spent Christmas Eve with my extended family (and played a really fun game of dirty Santa) but we still needed to open their presents.  As you can see from the expression on my face, Maralee and I were very tired by this point!

Long but fun Christmas day!!!!

Even though we were spent, we still had the best time opening the girls' gifts.  It was so much fun to see what they got from our parents.

Ganny and a sleepy Adeline

Adeline LOVED opening her gifts!

Tearing into their first gift!!!!!

Having kids makes Christmas...you care so much more about them than yourself.  I guess that's what Jesus did for us, right?  We have an amazing Savior and it was so nice to soak up His gift to us this Christmas season.  His light is forever shining!!!!!!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen