One thing that Raleigh and I have been dying to do is take a trip down to the beach with the girls.  We just needed to get out of town and spend some quality time together.  So, we decided to head down a couple of days before New Year's to get some rest and relaxation.  The weather was overcast most of the time but that made it even better.  It was so nice just waking up and having nothing to do.  Raleigh has been so busy at work and I feel like a dud if I mosey around the house during the week, so it was the perfect get-a-way for us.  It was the girls second visit to the beach and it really made us look forward to taking them down there this summer.  I am afraid that I won't be doing much sun bathing now that we have two little ones; but heck - that's alright with me. Thursday morning, Adeline woke from her nap earlier than Mar-bear, so she got some one-on-one time with her mom and dad out on the deck.  Raleigh's family has a hidden treasure down at the beach; we literally walk from the back deck onto the sand.  It has amazing sunset views and we have even witnessed a wedding or two.  It is one of our favorite spots in the whole wide world.

Adeline and her dad

Pretty Girl

Playing airplane with mom

Soon enough, Maralee woke up and we had some play time with our new toys from Christmas.  The girls still don't love tummy time, but they are getting better at it.  We are thinking they might be able to sit on their own in the next month or so!  Right now, they enjoy rolling over....

Adeline distracted by the t.v. as she rolls over :)

Maralee showing us how it's done!

Look at me go!

Adeline sure had fun!

On New Year's Eve, Raleigh's parents came down to watch the girls while we went out to eat.   We went to Louis Louis on Hwy. 98 and it was FABULOUS as always.  If you love The Red Bar, go to Louis Louis - it is the same food but not nearly as long of a wait.  The atmosphere was festive and fun and we even splurged and ordered their bread pudding for dessert.  Oh, so good.  That night, as Raleigh and I rang in the New Year, we talked about how we have to keep our love for one another above our love for the girls.  It is a hard thing to do at times....we wanted children out of our love for one another...but now that they are here it is so easy to lose that perspective and primarily focus on our love for them.

The Bible teaches us to 'manage our families' and that 'we need to love not just with words but with our actions' (1 Timothy 3:4 & 1 John 3:18).  I believe that managing our family begins with the husband and the wife committing to love one another with our daily e-mail that says how much you love the other, a nice cooked meal on a crazy day, or even watching yet another superhero movie because you know that is what your hubby loves to is so true that actions can speak louder than words.  This September, Raleigh and I will have been together for a decade, yes, that's right, ten whole years.  By this point, we pretty much know all there is to know about the other but I still want to gather up more details about the man I married.  I want to know him deeply and forever be the one he loves.  We have been through so much together and we are only 26 and 25 years old.  But, I want to continue to make memories and spend time just with my husband every now and then.  You have to do it to manage your children at home.  We are not perfect, but we are constantly working at refining ourselves and our marriage.  The only way to do that is to gather strength from our God and remain in His steadfast love every day of our lives.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen