My oh my, how time sure flies!  Our baby girls are 10 months old, can you believe it?  I am still in wonder that they will be ONE in two months.  Our little girls are growing, that is for sure!

Daddy & Maralee, 10 months old

Daddy and Adeline, 10 months old

We are still in 3 month clothes.  Some are 3-6 months but the bigger ones are still too long and too big.  Most of their spring clothes are six months so I hope they can fit in them soon with the weather warming up.  We went to the pediatrician this week and Adeline weighs 14.4 pounds and Maralee is 13.12 pounds.  Mar-bear is catching up to her big sis.  The doc says that their weight is leveling off so I guess we will see how much they gain by the time they are one.  I will be amazed if they reach 18 pounds - I'm shooting for sixteen at least!

Like most things, Adeline preferred the sunglasses as something to chew!

Maralee is stylin' & profilin'!!!!

We also got our last RSV shot.  If anybody is debating getting this shot in the future, I must say I think it has done a tremendous amount of good for our girls.  It seems like it has helped them stay well this winter, which I have been so thankful.  Our ear infections are gone, so that was a plus too!  At our visit, we also had our blood drawn and both girls are not anemic, which is great because they were a tad anemic in the NICU.  Soon, we will go to the cardiologist to see how Adeline's hole around her heart is doing.  I am so proud of my 27-weekers!

Y'all, being a mom is such a life-changing experience.  So many traits that I never knew existed have come out of me.  One trait is a nurturing spirit.  I love having babies around.  Whether they are on my hip or giggling as I blow on their belly, I just love loving them.  It gives me the greatest joy.  God gave these girls to me for ME to be their mommy; oh how GREAT is HE!!!!

Another trait that has budded is protection for my young.  I want to protect them from so many things - a bump on the head to a boy breaking their hearts - but I know that just isn't possible because hurt will come into their lives.  Right now the girls just seem so happy....they smile and laugh at the silliest things.  Wouldn't it be nice if it could stay that way?  But alas, I know it can't.  Even though I want to spread my wings and shield them from all things bad, I have to believe that God will protect their hearts and minds from evil; it is just my job to raise them in the Lord.

Finally, as a mother, I have learned to let go of some control.  Not all :)  But some.  I have realized that I can only do so much and I just need to take things day by day.  I'm trying not to sweat the small stuff but it kills me to be late all the time.  Maybe one of these days I will learn how to get ready faster!  Until then, those around me will just have to wait - sorry in advance!

My baby giraffes, Adeline and Maralee

As winter closes and spring unfolds, I am so thankful for where God is leading our lives.  I thank Him for these precious girls that are so full of life, love, and joy.  "I've got a good thing going and I'm not letting go!!!!" (Psalm 16:8, The Message).

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen