I feel like the girls had another growth spurt right after Christmas.  This month, we have officially packed away all of the newborn clothes and have moved into the three-month dresses, tops, and pants.  They are really starting to feel out in their faces and tummies (oh, how I love to kiss both their faces & tummies!!!!).  We went to the doctor right after Christmas to have their RSV and flu shots and we discovered that the girls had an ear infection so we started on amoxicillin.  As much as that wasn't fun, the girls were champs and got to feeling better. But, with this being such a yucky weather month, we went back to the doctor last week for our next round of the RSV shot and they had an ear infection again.  He gave us a stronger dose of the amoxicillin and they seem to be handling it well.  It is funny, after we talk about the immediate concerns of the ear infection, I start to run out of questions to ask because we see our pediatrician so regularly.  We are following his meal plan where the girls eat their baby food three times a day, and the girls are also sleeping through the night.  Our pediatrician told me I was doing a good job and that gave me encouragement that we are on the right track!!!!

Adeline & Maralee wearing there pretty white outfits on Paw Paw's lap

At nine months old, Adeline weighs 13.12 pounds and Maralee weighs 12.15 pounds.  I was shocked that they had almost a whole pound difference but I think it is just because Adeline really enjoys her milk :)  They recognize the bottle and the spoon and are constantly trying to swipe them out of my hands.  While that is great, it isn't cool when mashed bananas (I can't stannnnddddd bananas) come flying in my face!  I'm just kidding, it is actually pretty amusing to watch these two sweet potatoes at mealtime.  Can anyone say demanding??!!!!!

Miss Adeline, nine months old

Sweet Maralee, nine months old

With their growing weight, has come better control on their tummies.  They still aren't huge fans, but they can stay on their tummies for longer periods of time with their head raised.  The girls are also learning how to sit on their own - they still wobble and fall but they are getting better at reaching forward to hold themselves upright.  Also, we have noticed that they like to roll on their sides, which is kinda cute I must admit.  When they aren't on their tummies, they are reaching for anything in site: toes, paci's, toys, my drink cup, cell phones...anything within close proximity.  The girls also are starting to grab at each other's toys; I know that comes with the twin territory but it is definitely something we don't want turning into a bad habit.  How can you stop that at such a young age???

Maralee loved the balloons from John Turner's baby shower!

Seriously, they fascinated her!!!!  She loved watching them drift back up to the ceiling!

Adi-wadi thought they were pretty neat too

Friends, I am SO PROUD of my girls and am working so hard on not comparing them to other kids that are their age.  I know that developmentally they are around a 5-6 month old and that makes me so happy.  But, even though I am proud of them, I still want them to reach their full potential and close that gap of prematurity.  I know, I know, it will happen over time, but any help that I can get to close that gap I would gladly accept (as long as it wasn't something that would put them in harm's way, of course!!!).  Saying this, our pediatrician recommended me to call this other program in the state that helps with preemies.  So, I called and set up a home appointment.  When the therapist arrived, she asked me a series of questions based off a four-month old developmental chart.  I told her that I wish she could test them on a six month old chart since that is closer to their adjusted age but we couldn't since they were 2 weeks away.  Well, of course they pretty much aced the four-month old test (remember, in November they tested at five months) and she said that we would not qualify for any of their services.  I told her my concerns and that I found it very frustrating that we didn't qualify for any help.  Now, I know life is not about being fair, but I feel like we get the short-end of the stick with some of this stuff because we are good, hard-working individuals that truly care about strengthening our children's development.  It's like saying, "Yes, your child was born premature and is developmentally behind but no, we can't help you because you stay at home and work with them yourself."  Even though I am SO PROUD of where they are developmentally, I still believe that my children could greatly benefit from occupational therapy, etc. to help them CLOSE THE GAP SOONER rather than LATER.  That is all I want and I'm frustrated that I have to seek it myself instead of getting help that I feel like we deserve.

Our pretty baby girl, Maralee

So, that is my little rant.  After that meeting, I signed the girls up for Kindermusik and we had our first class last week.  The instructor told me in length over the phone how much a program like this can help children developmentally and she has personally seen other preemies greatly benefit from this program.  The girls are the only twins in the class, so the teacher can hold one girl and do all of the exercises with her while I have the other.  I will admit that I had a blonde moment and didn't realize that I would have to sing....I am a horrible singer and got really nervous when we sat in a circle and all the other moms had these beautiful sing-songy voices.  I pray that my girls still benefit from the program even though their momma is off tune!!!!

Maralee & Adeline at their first Kindermusik class

It has been a good month, yes indeed.  I adore these sweet potatoes more than anything else (besides Raleigh) in the whole wide world.  Thanks everyone for supporting our family and sharing the love :)

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen