Hey friends! Just thought I would share some of the sewing projects that I have been working on.  Hope you enjoy!


I had so much fun making these adorable pants for the girls to wear at Mary Harris' birthday party.  These pants are great for multiple reasons.  I wanted the pants to go with a red shirt for Valentine's Day but they can easily be worn as the weather warms up.  My girls' legs are a little short, so I ended up folding over more fabric than it required to get the size right.  As they get older, I can just adjust the waist so they can still be worn for several months.  This pant pattern is made by Jackie Clark designs and goes from newborn through 4T for boys and girls.  Really great!!!!

Fabric Flower Bows

As I was making the ruffle for the pants, a great idea came to me to make a matching bow for the girls.  All I did sew a hem on both sides of the fabric (cut it the same length as the ruffle) and I pulled the basting strip tight so it would turn the fabric into a tight flower.

Then, I sewed the ends together and hot glued a pom pom to the center of the flower and a clip to the back.

These bows can be worn with or without a headband.  Such a great way to finish off an outfit!


To match the pants, I appliqued each girls' first name initial in matching ruffle fabric.  I really felt like this tied everything together.

Some of my friends asked me to help applique their onesies and outfits - here are the finished results!

Lilly Broox's Heart Onesie

Laney's mom asked me to add the heart and L to this outfit

Olivia's mom asked me to applique a G on the dress that she made for St. Patrick's Day

Tweet Bird - super cute!!!

Lilly Broox's Easter onesie - I think it really looks like something a baby would wear

I am really starting to have some fun with this.  Soon, I will show y'all a finished dress and smocked bubble that I've been working on.  I enjoy smocking because it is something that I can do with my hands in front of the t.v. instead of fighting with my machine.  But, I must admit, Lady Lock and I have become better friends these days.  I just have to show her some love, that's all!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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