It's Monday and it is back to work we go!  This morning has been crazy for me after being out of town for almost a week so I apologize this post is just now going out.  I am so happy to introduce the lovely Lacy as another one of our guest bloggers!  Lacy is one of those people that truly loves to help others.  She has a heart for helping those in need both domestically and internationally and has her own blog, Love for the LOT. As a guest blogger on The Uncontainable Truth, she will be writing about how we can all help the  L.O.T. (least of these).  Get to know more about Lacy below!

Lacy says:

I've been married to her husband TJ for almost three years.  He's my best friend, support, and comfort.  Our relationship has never been so strong and I credit a lot of that to our relationship with God.  We have a good time together: laughing, being outdoors, traveling, and trying new things.  He's very adventurous and it pushes me to try things that I wouldn't otherwise.

Lacy and her sweet husband, TJ

(he probably doesn't like me calling him sweet on the blog! ha ha)

I've always been very active in church.  As a teen (and younger) I was involved in many aspects of our church home (Jackson, MS).  However, moving away for college, took me away from a church home that I loved dearly.  I struggled to find another place that suited my needs.  I drifted in and out of my relationship with God, always wanting to achieve my own goals and pursue my own dreams; not His.  By no means, do I have it altogether; however, I am trying to grow in my relationship with Him.  I learn something new every day.  I am realizing how much I can sacrifice---that it is not all about me...never was.  It is just a new journey.  I have good days and not so good days but I see that the bad days with Him are better than the greatest of days without Him.  I like where I am now, but am always trying to move forward.

I enjoy being with family and friends.  I love time on the go but love time to relax with the ones I love.  I'm a homebody for sure.  We have two dogs and a cat (all rescue babies in bad situations).  I love being outdoors.  I enjoying reading and would love to find more time to do it.  I absolutely find pure relaxation in painting.  I like to cook and try out new recipes.  I enjoy being at the lake (or anywhere on the water).  I enjoy photography but dare to compare to my professional photographer friends---I still try. =) I am a special education teacher.  There is nothing else I'd rather do.

Thanks Lacy for sharing your heart with our readers!  Be looking out for her first post very soon!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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