Astrophotographer Juan Carlos Casado, has recently documented this breathtaking image which uncovers the band of our Milky Way galaxy.  The photograph was taken in Spain's Canary Island.  The imaging process compiles nine photos together to create a view that our human eye could never experience on its own.

One NASA astronomers offers this explanation as to how this photo reveals the full glory of the Milky Way:

In a clear sky from a dark location at the right time, a faint band of light is visible across the sky. This band is the disk of our spiral galaxy. Since we are inside this disk, the band appears to encircle the Earth. The above spectacular picture of the Milky Way arch, however, goes where the unaided eye cannot. The image is actually a deep digital fusion of nine photos that create a panorama fully 360 across. Taken recently in Teide National Park in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, the image includes the Teide volcano, visible near the image center, behind a volcanic landscape that includes many large rocks. Far behind these Earthly structures are many sky wonders that are visible to the unaided eye, such as the band of the Milky Way, the bright waxing Moon inside the arch, and the Pleiades open star cluster.

Click here for the original hi-res panorama.

Seriously - he continues to make my jaw drop everyday.  He goes to such efforts to design a work of art that is never even seen by the human eye.

C.S. Lewis has often described "Aslan's country" in the Narnia books as something that felt vaguely familiar to our world, yet far more beautiful in ways we could never have imagined.  I can't help but feel that in this picture!

Well done God (stands and begins slow clap)