Ladies and gentlemen, I am writing this post from my brand spanking new iPad 2! An iPad which I basically paid nothing for. How did I do this you ask? Simple


It never ceases to amaze me that there is always someone out there who not only wants to buy your junk, but pay good money for it!

So what did I sell that paid for my ipad2 which retails for $499.00? Well, first I had to find some junk. Any will do really, because you have to remember that although you may have no use for a water damaged digital camera that you were to lazy to throw away, someone out there in internet land is dying to find a water damaged digital camera just like yours so they can use it for spare parts for their camera repair company. See how it works.

I listed a used Playstation 2 with some games and a controller, a pocket video camera, an old 35mm camera, a water damaged iPod, a water damaged digital camera, and two old computer games. All these items sold for a grand total of $437.42! Now, you have to take shipping into consideration when you sell items. Many of these items where rather large, so shipping ran me around $75 total. All of that said, now I only had to pay about $130 for my new iPad 2. Because of this sweet deal I decided to upgrade to the next level 32GB iPad.

So that's how I got my iPad 2 for super cheap. This is generally how we try to justify large purchases in our household. Give it a try. You may find that not only did you save money on your purchase, but you cleaned out your house at the same time!