If you're anything like us, your pets sleep in your bed.  If you're disciplined your dog probably has a nice little bed next to your human bed!  What do you do with that bed the rest of the day though, do you trip on it or force it under the box spring... Blogger Lisa has come up with this creative reuse for the average nightstand.  Almost every bedroom has one; and if you have a small dog this is the perfect  little DIY project to provide a private little nook  that looks nice and doesn't require you to put up a dog pillow every morning!  This dated side table has transformed into a chic puppy cubby.  Her dachshund Toby is modeling the finished product for you.

What solutions do you have for hiding your pet's napping place?  Or do you pull one like the Prices and let your dogs sleep in the bed with you?  Sound off in the comments below!


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