Do y'all ever have those weekends when you know you gotta get out of town? This past weekend was that weekend for us. After both getting sick late last week, Raleigh and I needed some fresh air. For that, we headed to the beach. It was just what the doctor ordered. Clear skies, warm breeze, and the sand between my toes. Aghhhh....

Little toes.

Me, Maralee, Raleigh & Adeline

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Memorial Day Weekend was the start to what I hope to be a good summer. I missed the beach so much last summer but it welcomed us like never before. This year, instead of being in the hospital, the girls are getting a real taste of what it means to be a beach bum. We hit the beach early after breakfast and they stayed out until nap time. The first time we took the girls on the beach, I was holding Adeline. She started to bounce on my hip out of excitement. They did really well considering they are still babies. We sat them under a tent but of course they had to feel and taste the sand. They quickly learned that it isn't meant to eat! Maralee wasn't sure about her feet sinking in the sand!

Adeline gettin' a piggy-back ride

Maralee, Raleigh, & Adeline

(Maralee would NOT keep her bow in her hair!!!!)


We also tried out getting in the ocean. It was windy and the waves were decent so the girls were a bit timid at first. Then, Raleigh started to "surf" the girls on top of the waves. They loved it and had the biggest grins on their faces. One day, the ocean was a lot calmer and we played in a shallow pool. Maralee was fearless and crawling all over the place. She just might turn out to be our water gal!

Maralee playing in the water

Maralee on her daddy's shoulders

Good Times

Saturday night, Gunter and Kari Beth brought John Turner over for dinner.

John Turner's first time at the beach

I can't believe he is already six weeks old! Next year is going to be trouble down at the beach with these three!

Maralee & Adeline - 13 months, John Turner - six weeks old

The Price Clan

On Sunday night, Raleigh and I had a date night. We were planning on going to Seagrove Market but we forgot that it is closed on Sundays. Since we were already in that area, we decided to eat at the new restaurant next door, V. I felt a tad underdressed for dinner but they seated us outside which was perfect for us. After ordering, we got to people watch as families casually pedaled by on their bikes or couples walked holding hands. It was fun getting a chance to chill out just Raleigh and I.

A fancy grouper

I ordered the Mahi Mahi - my favorite!

Raleigh joked that this must have been what it looked like when Jesus turned water into wine :)

Outside View

Me and the hubs

All in all, the beach did us good. We came back healthy and ready for another weekend at the beach soon. Hope everyone else had a fun weekend too!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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