Most people are not aware that your washer and dryer combine to create the largest pull on your energy bills. Tech and home weblog Unplggd offers some tips for cutting down on your energy costs while doing the laundry. Unplggd points out that the old saying, you're only as strong as your weakest link, applies to laundry as well. Next time,

Empty your hamper and finish up all your laundry tonight. Tomorrow, you'll want to start tossing your dirty clothes in new bins: Super-light fabrics where you used to have whites and heavy fabrics (like towels) where the darks used to go. 

Also, it should go without saying, but make sure you are washing with cold water.

Now that there's a little more variety in your laundry loads, you'll want to wash everything on the cold water setting. Considering that nearly 90 percent of the energy your washer uses goes towards heating the water, you're definitely getting a bang for your buck here.

Now go and save your hard earned money!


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