I'm learning its not about numbers.  Period.  Yes, there are numbers floating around.  High, astronomical numbers.  Those figures are constantly changing.  They aren't decreasing.  They are on the rise.  And that is all that matters.  The numbers are growing.   I'm referring to the increasing numbers in the world of Human Trafficking.  If you missed my last post on Human Trafficking, you can see it here.

Unfortunately, this world of trafficking is seen, to many, as the Promise of Dreams.  It draws people who are searching for a better life.  They may be running away from something or running towards something.  They are lured in by all that blankets the dark world of trafficking.

So there are different kinds of Human Trafficking.  This post (and others) will focus on sex trafficking.  I'll cover Slave Labor in a later post.

Who can become enticed by this life of Sex Trafficking?  People of all ages, cultures, male or female.  They are not just trafficked from other countries.  They are found here in the U.S.  Sometimes in the most unlikely places.  You can read one of those stories here.

It's a scene that is driven into hiding by those that "run" it.  The "Johns" use the fear tactic to keep the women and men under their control.  There are homes in upperclass neighborhoods across the United States that are filled to overflow with 30-40 sufferring women and men. 

Some of those that have been tempted into this world live in a space that we wouldn't refer to as a bedroom.  Generally a mattress on a floor and a coffee can for their bathroom.  They are forced to hand over the money they make selling their bodies to their "Johns".  Often times, they don't know how much money they are making for their "Johns". 

One report I read said, it's "not about the child.  It's about the money.  Sex sells."  The younger they are, the more expensive they are, the more money they bring in for the "Johns". 

They are forced into silence and isolated.  The women and children are regularly moved around from city to city so that they can't make connections or form relationships.  And their cases are tough to prosecute because the victims are terrified to reveal their lives to law enforcement or those that could be their support system.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have started a Foundation against trafficking.  Check it out here.  You can view a campaign video interview, Real Men Don't Buy Girls, here

Here's a quick video clip from Susan Surandon.  Somaly Mam is an inspiring Foundation, founded to be a "voice for change" for those who are threatened to use their voice.  Click here to see more about Somaly Mam.



Again, I say, it is not about numbers.  Our main focus should be opening our eyes to see all that is occurring on our streets, outside our homes, in our homes, in neighboring towns or states, it's present in the here and now.  Now is the time to remove the blinders and be aware of the darkness that so many women and children now call life.

Guys, the wool has been pulled over eyes for too long.